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UPDATED 2012 VIDEO: It’s much better if you need more instruction on how to do this look or just want to see an ac…

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  • Agustin Uribe 4 years ago

    she missed the purple or blue wig

  • mauryzamorano 4 years ago

    Y eres linda

  • mauryzamorano 4 years ago

    Me gusta como te maquillas

  • flormartinez849 4 years ago

    Que significa

  • Destiny7350 4 years ago

    It can’t be that creepy/ scary. You use to hang out with Dally, and he’s scarier.

  • Karen Cristina 4 years ago

    que sinistro

  • RiverPolka 4 years ago

    U are an amazing artist. Well impressed!

  • Raul Gonzalez 4 years ago

    it’s so creepy im scared of you you should make a prank a your neighbords

  • Max MoonedWolf 4 years ago

    So much scary ! GooD!

  • thaynara oliveira 4 years ago

    muito loco

  • Ginger Pearce 4 years ago

    was the really long picture at the end that necessary?

  • maly cisternas 4 years ago

    la mirada era macabra al ultimo mas esa musica. bien logrado.

  • Damon Ehrstrand 4 years ago

    anyone else came here before watching PewDiePie?

  • Heaven Writes 4 years ago

    Este es el mejor hasta ahora! Para todos ustedes, señoras por ahí, vamos checkout mi canal! Tengo OOTDs choice, cubiertas canción! Y mucho más! Haciendo una-a-Way Dale una vez que alcance 500 Subbies! ¡Gracias!

  • PHILTCOG117 4 years ago

    Das sieht toll aus! Respekt!!
    …und viel spaß beim abschminken…;)

  • DaClownsCoulrophobia 4 years ago

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Clowns!! Come on over and check out my new channel please!! Gonna be a lot of clown activity as the channel grows

  • Sabrine Rodrigues 4 years ago

    adorei super facil de faser vou faser no halloween

  • Monse Lopez 4 years ago


  • EverythingAshley15 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful tho.

  • LaPleBe831 4 years ago

    FML one of my biggest fears are clowns.. I dont why its dumm but i can’t help it.. Am afraid of them.. When i saw the icon for the vid i almost threw my phone.. Its 3:10am and i literally just clicked in the vid to convince myself that there was nothing bad about (internal voice: “its just a tutorial vid you can do this!”) … I couldn’t get passed the black eye shadow part.. Am sorry don’t take this the wring why but your eyes are freaken creepy.. >.< congrats you effin scared me! :( (

  • NathiMoreninhah 4 years ago

    assustador !

  • Salvador Garcia 4 years ago

    what’s the song name 

  • Elliekilleen 4 years ago

    My friend was tat for Halloween!!

  • lilly torres 4 years ago

    Ahh that’s cool

  • lizethysam 4 years ago


  • awomansaffair 4 years ago

    Love how extremely real this looks !!!!

    Click my name.. ! :) Thanks!!!

  • Yuilen 4 years ago

    Clowns are just retards with a ton of make up. Take out the make up and they look like goofy, smiling retards. Nothing to hate or be afraid of.

  • barbies and monster high 4 years ago


  • todosuenaablues 4 years ago

    Your eyes are enough

  • Erin Brooks 4 years ago

    I bet I would scare myself by just looking in the mirror!!

  • Elliekilleen 4 years ago


  • msmooneypie 4 years ago

    You just helped me decide on my Halloween wedding make-up. Thank you!

  • Rai S 4 years ago

    Que olhos são esses mds

  • Lusy Peterson 4 years ago

    Yeah she dose :-)