Added by on May 28, 2013 I refilmed the part that was out of frame :) So this is the best i could come up with for a creepy doll type hallo…

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  • crvilla2001 4 years ago

    That looks so pretty

  • Niambi Bramble 4 years ago

    You could say “wanna be friends?” In a little girls voice

  • Niambi Bramble 4 years ago

    If you went trick or treating t

  • Pavan Kaweesha 4 years ago

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  • Paper Craft 4 years ago

    I think you look awesome cause u look like a real doll great job keep doing it

  • florence victoria 4 years ago

    It really look slike a plastic doll ,,, wew amazing power of makeup!

  • mylifeonthehill 4 years ago


  • Xxein Palado 4 years ago


  • jonnyy40 4 years ago

    When you have young kids,the making up will be worse than the punishment for them.

  • Widyaningrum Ernawati 4 years ago

    cool… i’ll try it in my b’day.

  • Holly Scaris 4 years ago


  • MachineGunAbbs ILoveDraven 4 years ago

    That awkward moment when someone makes you stare at the doll face for 2 minutes….

  • Sophia oliveira 4 years ago


  • Dee O'Connor 4 years ago

    …Special effects/editing. :

  • lillyelly1 4 years ago

    It looks like u have pink eyes in a picture

  • erinyan84 4 years ago


  • BoUnCy009 4 years ago

    What brush do u use for your liner and all the little details

  • Opal Nikiperowicz 4 years ago

    This is amazing! Check out my sugar skull tutorial? XO

  • Sarah H. 4 years ago


  • Chlaryse Wilson 4 years ago


  • Merel Hermans 4 years ago


  • treyonay 4 years ago


  • Cheyenne Hunter 4 years ago

    Not bad

  • lizzyc48 4 years ago

    sexi makeup, messy bedroom:)

  • doris tisha glassia 4 years ago

    tres jolie

  • Cheshire Cat 4 years ago

    creepy but outstanding work

  • Alina Evanghelista 4 years ago

    Excellent -you can practice this in a Dracula Tour in Transylvania during the Halloween. I see this kind of “live” tourism on Transylvania Live’s sites

  • daxzea1 4 years ago


  • Julie Zukill 4 years ago

    Oh you have already made a tutorial about seams. Thank you so much ^^
    You are so pretty !!

  • Julie Zukill 4 years ago

    How do you make the seams on your face ? Can you do a tutorial about this, please ? :)
    I love your video.
    Like !

  • tanitataboo 4 years ago

    My girls are in love watching this video!!! I think I know what they want to be for halloween next year.

  • Rishawn Barnes 4 years ago

    That creeps me out!!!!!

  • Megan Jewel Wallace 4 years ago

    This kind of make-up style is so AWESOME! I really want to learn how to do this. It’s perfect for Halloween or April Fools Day. Or just a day you feel like being creepy >:D Hehehe. I love your contacts at the very end in the pic. So pretty(:

  • BuBuuDancee 4 years ago

    honestly, on the picture it looks way better, but it’s still good

  • Jimena Arrascaeta 4 years ago


  • marionetemanJ 4 years ago

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  • Tanja Johansson 4 years ago

    you look really pretty

  • Tanja Johansson 4 years ago

    how can you say that she’s pretty

  • Sarina Phebe 4 years ago

    How she ugly ?

  • ninaortiz9 4 years ago

    Hey don’t comment that not nice!!

  • FrankieSteinAbbey 4 years ago

    ewwww ugly bitch

  • Sían Fitzgerald 4 years ago

    great spelling, no offense….

  • Peter Hobbis 4 years ago

    You would look so great if tattooed to permanently look like that.