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  • Clarisa Lockwood 2 years ago

    Zombie Boy is so freaking hot. I’m just saying….lol.

  • Aurora AmorPorElMaquillaje 2 years ago

    SUPER BONITO!!!! perfection!!! 

  • brazilianeyes13 2 years ago

    This looks wicked cool!
    For some reason I still keep having a hard time believing that this is a
    wig, like seriously you should make a video of how you put on the wig so
    that the whole transformation is seen and how you make it look so realistic :) 

  • Angelie King 2 years ago

    Did you do this last year? I could’ve sworn you had something just like
    this on your channel

  • Summer Rose 2 years ago

    What kind of face paint is that? cuz I bought some white face paint and
    it’s hard to work with, you gotta put layer after layer, I wanted it
    creamier like yours!

  • Julietta Torres (Makeup Tutorials) 2 years ago


  • Doe Deer 2 years ago

    damnit i should’ve did this for halloween bc then i would’ve probably been
    in the halloween spirit and had fun! well, there’s always next year

  • Skyra Blue 2 years ago


  • Izzy Rose 2 years ago

    Hey where’s your wig from I love it! And omg your so so pretty! Have you
    seriously thought of modelling?!!!!

  • Helen Nguyen 2 years ago

    I love how intricate this is! The attention to detail especially on your
    chin area was impeccable and made the biggest difference in the world! Love
    your videos, xoxo

  • Adidudu 2 years ago

    heyheyhey! you inspired me and i think i will send you a picture right
    after i get these white and black paints! thank you so much

  • Swayze 2 years ago

    What was the name of the paint you recommended using? You said it was
    available on amazon.

  • Jocelyn O'Halloran 2 years ago

    Omg, the best Halloween look I have ever seen!!! You are so freaking
    talented Chrisspy!!! Xx

  • A. DInh 2 years ago

    Can someone do this and tell me how long it took?

  • Glam Barbie 2 years ago

    Just perfection ILY!!! Anyone want to be youtube friends? Reply when subbed
    and i will sub back asap❤️❤️

  • RowdyRowdy Chey 2 years ago

    lol at putting your eyes in :D lol sry I luv’d ur tutorial I outta try dis
    look :)
    Much luv <3 

  • lingywashere 2 years ago

    I fell in love with this image when you posted the look last year! AMAZING!
    I just recreated it on my channel. :) 

  • Mackenzie Kin 2 years ago

    Looks amazing!!!!!!

  • Veronica Fenton 2 years ago

    Do a tutorial on how you style and curl your hair!!!!!! Please?! (:

  • Ashley Watts 2 years ago

    that is so amazing i love it

  • lillskiten1337 2 years ago

    damn your hot with the skull mask look xD

  • Jallil 2 years ago

    Does she have foundation under this?

  • Kappucino Kiss 2 years ago

    one of the sexiest intros ever.. JS 

  • Noam Tson 2 years ago

    Please do a full skull makeup!
    Ilove youuuu

  • Bianca Paraguassu 2 years ago

    Perfect !!

  • Bonnie Bunny 2 years ago

    It’s pretty cool, I’d like to see some thing that includes five nights at
    freddys if you know the game!

  • DJas118 2 years ago

    SO spooky, but still beautiful! Have you ever read Scary Stories to Tell in
    the Dark? Your artistic style and shading remind me of the illustrations
    from those books. Perfectly scary!

  • FEZEX IV 2 years ago

    so fucking sexy!!!!!!!

  • Danielle Ortega 2 years ago

    Oh chrisspy, i just love the intro, amazing, like a perfume commercial
    haha, im kidding, so completly beautiful. Like it

  • christie aames 2 years ago

    You’re not just talented with glamorous makeup, but an amazing artist all
    around. Chrisspy, I LOVE you’re videos girl. I show everyone! 

  • Irene de dios 2 years ago


  • djeyz250rocket 2 years ago

    you’ra so beautiful same this make up !!!! great job , really amazing !!!

    and i love your hair color <3

  • Virginia Vitaletti 2 years ago

    Amazing makeup, there’s a huge attention to details. Love it!
    I only have a question for you, I’ve never used a cream makeup before,
    what’s the feeling it leaves on your skin after sometime? I mean, I’m
    afraid to feel it drying out on my skin, like a beauty mud (don’t know if
    this word does even exist in english, It’s not my language :D ). I’m going
    to a party tonight and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable for all night
    Thank you (whoever is gonna answer) in advice!

  • Crystal Moua 2 years ago

    instead of blogs paint can we use black eyeliner? 

  • BAYLEYBBY25 2 years ago

    Extremely talented! I absolutely love it!
    What shadow did you use for this look? Goes great with the skull theme. 

  • Senia Howes 2 years ago

    Question!! I want to do this for Halloween, but I have oily skin. If I go
    to the Halloween store, what type of fae paint should I get? I’m going to
    be wearing it all night, so I’ll need it to stick. Please help!

  • Marìa Del Valle 2 years ago


  • Jessie Wallace 2 years ago

    The intro reminds me of a porno .. 

  • frank torres 2 years ago


  • Toni Moore 2 years ago

    Where do you the henna stuff from

  • MiilenaPii 2 years ago

    enough done to convince me to subscribe, this is simple but awesome

  • Destiny Dominguez 2 years ago

    her eye makeup reminds me of Mileena from Mortal Kombat c;

  • Jasdeep Ubhi 2 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial on how you did your hair in this video! Its

  • Rumana Naz 2 years ago

    Oh hey, Meagan camper and pete wentz did this for Halloween ❤️

  • chavelle mitcham 2 years ago

    i watch this video over and over solely for the intro and Halloween is long

  • Dina Afram 2 years ago

    This is magnificent… Thumbsed up and Subbed.

  • DarkRose323 2 years ago

    looks great but u probably should of put black eyeshadow on ur nose 2 set
    the makeup

  • Hilda Flores 2 years ago

    Your beautiful and the make up love it