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  • Julia Graf 3 years ago

    HARLEY QUINN #Halloween video is now up!! Go check it out :) #beauty
    #makeup #costume 

  • star crisp 3 years ago

    I’m getting ideas

  • Thisismyusername3496 3 years ago

    You can get a perfect line using scotch tape :) 

  • October ThecatGod 3 years ago

    It’s not exactly harley’s make up. But it is a Harley Quinn theme.

  • Summer Reyes 3 years ago

    Eye brows on flick dafuq lov da eyebrows

  • Nessa Lovess 3 years ago

    You Should Enter The NYX Face Awards!

  • XDsMiLeAy yAy 3 years ago

    your eyes!!!! o.o LOVE them!

  • MrSonicAdvance 3 years ago

    I was actually looking for Zoe Quinn info when your video popped up. Great
    tutorial! :-) 

  • Tannaleah Cornell 3 years ago

    I have a friend who is legit named Harley Quinn.

  • MadiMarieG 3 years ago

    Omg if I could only recreate this… I stared at it for 5 minutes straight.
    So pretty<3

  • LambsSlayDragons 3 years ago

    I am totally subbing you, gurl !

  • Typo Haven 3 years ago

    I have been trying without success to find what exact color the
    Illamasqua(red color) was that you applied to the lips.
    I also would love a full list if possible of the other red colors you used
    for the eyes/eyebrows.. Thanks :) 

  • gina ross 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, but who’s Harley Quinn? she looks awesome, but I don’t know who
    she is.

  • Myrna Ibrahim 3 years ago

    It’s creepy yet cool :) 

  • Liza Kinner 3 years ago

    whats the music in the beginning? thx!

  • Aubrey Walker 3 years ago

    your good with makeup i want to be Harley Quinn for Halloween 

  • MsEpicmayhem 3 years ago

    Giiiiiiiirlll you know how it be done!

  • herneet dhaliwal 3 years ago

    To me it seems as if I’ve seen you somewhere. Did you ever do a skull
    makeup and go “Trick or Treating”. And do you have a little cute blond
    haired girl. Just asking:)

  • Paola Romero 3 years ago

    O my goooooooooooooooood!! I ♥ it, is really really really amazing!!!

  • Amanda Essary 3 years ago

    I love this and I can’t wait to try

  • Judith Nunez 3 years ago

    Best harley quinn make up I’ve seen so far

  • Mstsuboka 3 years ago

    /r/makeupaddiction loves this.

  • Foo Bear 3 years ago

    This is fantastic, easiest makeup tutorial I’ve seen that doesn’t involve
    buying a load of sequins or patterns. I do struggle with putting fake
    eyelashes on though, any tips for those? :) 

  • Andréia Fernandes 3 years ago


  • Megan O'Brien 3 years ago

    Is there any way you could give me a list of all the makeup you used?

  • quinn lafrance 3 years ago

    The blending on the eyes is flawless. Wow

  • Colton Davis 3 years ago

    Wow that’s really cool how you did it! I love your makeup tutorials!

  • Kaleid Rhiannon 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful! :) 

  • Alena Horada 3 years ago

    I love your eyes!! The eye makeup really brings them out.

  • Daisy Padilla 3 years ago

    You’re the best! <3 xoxo

  • Candygirl richie 3 years ago

    hi i like your video very simple to understaand :) 

  • stephanie santos 3 years ago

    you have super green eyes 

  • pie luvr 3 years ago

    going to be this for halloween

  • shannon medero 3 years ago

    your makeup of harley quinn the purple and black looks really kool my name
    is shannon

  • Agustina Cordoba 3 years ago

    I like it

  • Aaryana S 3 years ago


  • Kitty sicles 3 years ago

    @ginaross she is jokers gf

  • Mirela G. Constantin 3 years ago

    it reminds me a lot of liciferismydad makeup

  • Amanda Barocio 3 years ago

    Omg I LOVE IT!!!

  • Diane Torres 3 years ago

    Totally love it

  • Catalina Alcantar Arvizu 3 years ago

    Exeleth berigoot

  • lilSavage1 3 years ago

    Your so beautiful

  • iro kafk 3 years ago


  • Aida Velasquez 3 years ago

    makeup for school

  • Emma Gregory 3 years ago

    This is so amazing!! I was thinking of doing a Harley Quinn character for
    Halloween and I was just scrolling through Youtube and I saw this as the
    ‘recommended’ video and I’m like “IT’S FATE”. haha