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A heatless curling method that will give even thin hair big, voluminous waves. No more frizzy crimps! My blog: Follow me on twitter: Follow…


Makeup For Lips


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  • Loepsie 4 years ago
  • BexxiieBubble 4 years ago

    will this not dry out the hair? :( 

  • Natascha Clerinx 4 years ago

    Yes a methode that works on thin hair :D And they look so natural too. I
    don’t like the look of waves created by heat tools they look so overdone :) 

  • Brielle Everdeen 4 years ago

    This was a great idea! I like to create “heatless waves” by letting my hair
    finish hair drying while it is twisted up in a hairstick, but the salt
    spray should really help hold those waves. Thank so much for the tips!
    Always enjoy your videos. :) and I recently discovered your blog! Fantastic
    work. I especially enjoyed the post you wrote about “age just being a
    number”. Have a magical day! 

  • Gabarooz 4 years ago

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a cat eyeliner like that before….
    looks really nice on you!!! I like it! :) ))

  • Elisabet Arvidsson 4 years ago

    How much salt vs water do you put into the salt water? Great video too! 

  • Caroline Etferox 4 years ago

    My hair is extremely thin and this is lifechanging! I still can’t believe I
    didn’t come up with this myself. By the way, do you have a video about what
    sort of chemicals should be avoided (and you personally avoid) in hair
    products? Thanks so much for this idea, Loepsie!!

  • Patrycja Hendzel 4 years ago

    I have thin hair as well and I was looking for common way to curl my hair
    during night (had the same experiences as you). Thank you for advice, I
    will try out your tips :-) . 

  • Emilie Maria 4 years ago

    Your makeup and hair are beautiful!!!! 

  • Ariana Acosta 4 years ago

    Thx worked so much

  • Leezah Susanna 4 years ago

    I feel a little uncomfortable putting salt on my hair… Won´t it dry my
    ends out? :-/