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coconut milk and lemon mask to have straight hair – curly hair mask to naturally straight hair – hair straightening treatment – natural hair relaxer Ingredie…

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  • Jake elwafi 4 years ago

    Guys! This really works~ just put it in for 2 hours if you have dry hair.
    And less than 2 hours if you have slightly oily hair. This would perfectly
    work for people with fizzy hair. I have wavy and slightly damaged hair. It
    fixed my hair over a month! It feels so smooth hhhhh I m so happy!! It even
    smells good. Now I added few other oils to it and I have to say, this is
    pretty dope and genius ;v;/

  • Adisson D 4 years ago

    For someone with really curly hair and no time for straightening I’m
    actually really curious. I will try this and share results with you guys!

  • Sarah Nasser 4 years ago

    Can I use coconut oil not milk

  • Queen Nile 4 years ago

    I would like the measurement for lemon juice is it 2-3 tablespoons R what?
    could someone answer my question ,please!

  • TheSimpleCare 4 years ago

    yes dip it in hot water then strain it or microwave the towel =)

  • jinxxpwnage 4 years ago

    i don’t have the time , money or mental stability to do this damn it , is
    it even worth it?

  • James Ford 4 years ago

    Does this work on beard hair?

  • Paulina Olszynski 4 years ago

    Does this lighten your hair colour I don’t want it to do that

  • Sam Fisher 4 years ago

    Nice video, but a couple questions
    How much of the conditioner do we use? And how long does it last?
    Thanks in advance!

  • LuxyPink 4 years ago

    I have a dry curly hair..its not that bad but it drives me crazy! ALWAYS
    tangeled and its volume is so huge especially when Detangled :/ i am going
    to try this but i wonder if changing the coconut milk will affect the

  • GyrlBlaque 4 years ago

    Will this rinse out on natural/ kinky hair ?

  • Renzauros Nine 4 years ago

    Is it necessary to use lemon juice and olive oil? Or can I replace it with
    lime and coconut oil? :3 If it’s okay.

  • Latifa Baradia 4 years ago

    Hy..can this b stored n used the nxt day…or week

  • marshanda dara 4 years ago

    someone pleas reply is this turn out permanently pls tx

  • Nessy Wayman 4 years ago

    Has anyone tried this? Did it work?

  • Tokkie 4 years ago

    Hi what can i use instead of cornstarch and does it work on 4c hair 

  • shivani malik 4 years ago

    hey guys i m using it for 6 months yes it helps in losing curls bt not like
    hair straghtning iron just it will give ur hair natural look and make your
    hair softer n shiner ….have some patience and yes it will work to improve
    d quality of ur hair..:)

  • Tanisha Khondokar 4 years ago

    how can i preserve this?
    pls ans someone????

  • xxdjbocadillosxx 4 years ago

    I’m going to try this on my facial hair this coming Sunday before watching
    the Ravens game. Gotta have that smooth beard for the game – lmao! (Yes I
    made myself laugh)

  • سالي الزيدي 4 years ago

    Please help me! i want to try it!! Do you need to wash your hair and then
    do the mask on your hair. or do you need first the mask on your hair an
    then wash it? Please give 1 answer!!♥

  • Aleesha vaghela 4 years ago

    does this damage your hair. thanks

  • Omkar Bhatkar 4 years ago

    what we can add instead of olive oil……..???

  • Jevonne Blackman 4 years ago

    will my hair revert after i wash it?

  • Claudia NG 4 years ago

    Hi, how often can this mask be used? Is three times a week excessive?

  • feya nair 4 years ago

    can i use powdered coconut milk???

  • can it be use for rebonded hair?

  • hopelessroman 4 years ago

    In the video you mentioned coconut milk but in the description it’s written
    coconut oil, I just wanted you to clarify please :) thanks! 

  • Taylor Mikkelsen 4 years ago

    Could I use regular milk

  • You-Dont-Say? 4 years ago

    Is this permanent? cuz i want straight hair but i still like my wavy hair.

  • Aarohi Pujara 4 years ago

    can we store it somewhere?i mean everytime we want to use it,do we have to
    make it at that time or can we use the stored one?

  • The DreameR 4 years ago

    should we avoid the scalp??

  • leslie diaz 4 years ago

    what can you substitute coconut milk for? 

  • sigatapu suryapavan 4 years ago

    I hav seen dis and tried 2d itself..
    Worked well
    my hair is frizzy after using dis technique it became soft but not
    Anyway happy for smooth hair..
    Can try itt…
    Thanx for uploading..
    Expecting to upload about tan removal of back neck.. plzz upload home
    remedies for dis tooo..
    - Yasheekaa from India ( hyderabad )

  • Caren Mendoza 4 years ago

    Hi, Can I make a Jar and refrigerate so I don’t need to do the mixture

  • Regi Lahoud 4 years ago

    time wise, how long can this mixture be stored up to? and also how long
    does the treatment last?

  • Rhona Reguine 4 years ago

    Hi :)
    I’ve red a lot of good reviews to this treatment. ü
    Is it ok to do this even if my hair was rebonded in less than a month from

    Please please answer back

  • Tatyana Gordon 4 years ago

    do you have a before and after?

  • sandra bantaculo 4 years ago

    Wow guyz!!
    I’ve already try it. .. and its work!! I just put it on my head for 30
    minutes coz I have no enough time. . Now my hair is smooth straight nd
    shiny! Im so happy with the result..

    Thanks a lot for this video. .frm now on I wll make it us my once or twice
    a week hair treatment. . HAPPY!!

  • prasanna sunkara 4 years ago

    Hi would love to try it. But for how many days can the paste be stored ?

  • Talisha Goode 4 years ago

    It said in your down bar coconut oil but in your vid it said coconut milk
    which one do i use?

  • aashu mothiki 4 years ago

    Can we use almond oil in the place of olive oil ??

  • Charlize Neckles 4 years ago

    Does this really work

  • Ruksar Rangoonwala 4 years ago

    Hey cn dis b stored lyk in fridge fr weeks or months???

  • Coollovelee 4 years ago

    This is great, I actually have all those ingredients in my house already.

  • zoi mpas 4 years ago

    Cornstarch is the same as cornflour?!? Can I use that instead? 

  • tanvi rattra 4 years ago

    Hey can I use corn flour instead of corn starch for this diy……thnks

  • Ericka Pelimiano 4 years ago

    Does this work/can we see the difference in just one day? Or one week?
    Please anwer my question

  • Disha Chudasama 4 years ago

    can i use almond oil instead of olive oil????