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Are you looking for the perfect and scariest makeup tutorial for your Halloween party!?Here it is! Watch my video and please don’t forget to let me know what…

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  • Kelsey Pizzati 3 years ago

    The intro wasn’t scary. Lol wtf

  • Ellie May 3 years ago

    I started reading the comments and I was like omg I’m skipping the intro

  • JuneFlower03 30 3 years ago

    i was watching the intro then i saw her put the dolls somewhere then i was
    like..”nope. just gonna read the comments. xD”

  • Tracy Nicole 3 years ago

    Watching this at like one in the morning. Good job me *clap clap*

  • Chester Haino 3 years ago

    i showed my brother the short movie thing at the beginning and now he
    locked himself in his room XD and good video

  • Jazzlyn Maurer 3 years ago

    I watched like 30 seconds of the intro and then I paused it and read the

  • Makeupdaily18 3 years ago

    OMG! I’m in love with those white contacts! Where are they from? 

  • SaylorK 3 years ago

    Can you do this with liquid latex as a replacement of plasticine? please

  • Quyen Phung 3 years ago

    Love it ♥

  • Jellys Beans 3 years ago

    like the intro :3

  • kendall rose 3 years ago

    Don’t watch this at night. 

  • Night Fury 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the book Doll Bones

  • liz henson 3 years ago

    that was amazing, your skin is so perfect even without makeup(:

  • Julie Mae Calahi 3 years ago


  • Emily Ok 3 years ago

    I’m never going to sleep again … 

  • jannette prieto 3 years ago

    That scared the hell out of me -.-

  • Bellachu 3 years ago

    You should’ve done a pop up at the end to scare the s*it out of people. (:

  • ♥HaRmony Love♥ 3 years ago

    lol That was so awesome! 

  • Sydney says hi 3 years ago

    She’s so pretty with blue eyes!

  • Ebony Johnson 3 years ago

    Awesome! I was a little scared in the beginning! Lol

  • Itsstephxox 3 years ago

    Saw the intro with the dolls and im like nope haha find something else to
    do besides the intro ha haha

  • VFX Makeup 3 years ago

    New subbie!!! LOVE your work! x

  • jeff albinio 3 years ago


  • Leah Reilly 3 years ago

    so realistic:o and u look like katy perry with blue eyes lol xx

  • Athena Bolton 3 years ago

    ive been looking for something cause im going to be a porcalin doll and im
    using yours its so good

  • nicole B 3 years ago

    That’s cool

  • Shiver E. 3 years ago

    Ciao! Dove posso trovare la plastilina che hai applicato? In Italia intendo

  • Stitched Rose 3 years ago

    AWESOME! This Make Up is fantastic :) 

  • Kristy Palacios 3 years ago

    Where did you get your contacts? 

  • Teagan Vandenakker 3 years ago

    What are the names for the contact I can’t find them 

  • Jessica Thompson 3 years ago

    The intro was terrifying!! OMG its so convincing though

  • Kristen Ghé 3 years ago

    What Kind of plastiline she use ? Help me please !

  • sugeraddict900 3 years ago

    Great video loved the intro but I think the scar around the eye was more
    realistic and effective without the stitches just my opinion not a hater
    I’m just giving I bit of feed back keep up the good work

  • Simona Beaton 3 years ago

    Do u still have the dress? If so would u seel it? As I love it xx

  • aerospace machinist 3 years ago

    thats incredible….

  • Perez Irati 3 years ago

    Can you put the materials who needed?

  • rosie worldxx 3 years ago

    It’s so cool of you to make all the effort I love the people who go the
    extra mile:)

  • isis brown 3 years ago

    Defiantly gonna try this for Halloween 

  • Zodian Thompson 3 years ago

    Thankyou comments

  • Shyla Pha 3 years ago

    Where did u get your lashes… IN LOVE with them

  • Laydey Katabella 3 years ago

    I wish I skipped the intro…I just shit myself!!

  • Violet Clemmons 3 years ago

    +Maddie Henson 

  • UnhealthyAddiction2 3 years ago

    I stumbled upon you randomly and I’m totally hooked loved the intro at the
    start really loved all the effort and time you spent on just making the
    video so unique and appropriate to the concept! Really amazing Subscribing
    now and probably watching and liking all your videos for the night :) 

  • Kelsey Neal 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video! I had fun doing this one :) I can send you a picture
    of what I did if you’d like!

  • Marlene Miller 3 years ago

    Still pretty

  • Christian Lopez 3 years ago

    Not even scary… Lame haha. Great idea for a tutorial tho.