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Applying everyday makeup requires you to have immediate access to a few integral tools. Apply everyday makeup with help from a celebrity makeup artist in thi…

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  • trustbanga 4 years ago


  • lakristen7 4 years ago

    His voice is so relaxing…

  • SingerRobinson1 4 years ago

    if you dont put it on after foundation sorry grammar mix up lol

  • SingerRobinson1 4 years ago

    actually you should put concealer on after foundation because it will just slide all over your face and defeat the purpose of concealer

  • Ska Aks 4 years ago

    “so that the eye can’t blink..” *blinks*

  • whymelol1000 4 years ago

    lol i noticed that too

  • starwonder4u 4 years ago

    ‘my everyday essentials are foundation,blush, mascara and lipgloss’…then he starts with concealer. So basically concealer too!

  • Rosa LaMorie 4 years ago

    Pretty!! <3

  • LivvyChang1020 4 years ago

    he got conealer on her lip.

  • nishika chandrasekera 4 years ago

    Jeffrey Paul you are a angel in disguise

  • JesusLuvers1997 4 years ago

    I have that foundation:D great video

  • ElvenSorcerer 4 years ago

    Why does she need makeup?… She looks stunning and beautiful without it.

  • bb pp 4 years ago

    the model isTracy from Janice Dickinson`s show about her model agency

  • TacoMonkeyBalls 4 years ago

    why cant i have great skin like her?

  • taliax2010 4 years ago

    Jeffrey Paul, what can I say. You sir are a GOD sent from heaven.

  • Amber S 4 years ago

    Your so right! Good eye!

  • Kim Neely 4 years ago

    Beautiful!  Kim Neely Scheppegrell

  • Kim Neely 4 years ago

    I love the unexpected tips…holding the muscle above the eye to prevent blinking! Nice work Jeffrey, and she looks fabulous! Kim Neely Scheppegrell

  • Mhel Mendoza 4 years ago

    did you use a loose powder or a finish powder?

  • bostonqueen101 4 years ago

    she has pretty eyes.