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CLICK ME! CLICK ME! ↡ Instagram: Twitter: The long awaited short hair tutorial is here. I learned…


College Makeup


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  • clothesencounters 2 years ago

    At laaast! Here’s how I style my hair. If you’d like me to film a make-up
    tutorial of the look I have here, give this video a thumbs up! Love you
    all! ❤

  • Jenny Nguyen-Don 2 years ago

    I tried this and my hair just dries straight. sad life

  • emokitty love 2 years ago

    Can I do this on african american hair. My hair is very soft and bouncy but
    when I step outside it looks like a tornado ran through my hair. 

  • Emily Santana 2 years ago

    I have basically the same length and texture of your hair. and i used curl
    enhancing moose in a “golf ball” amount, but now the ends of my hair are
    just super hard like twigs.

  • Dana AlK 2 years ago

    people with straight hair are so lucky.

  • Renee lizette martinez 2 years ago

    I love your hair, I’m new to your channel, and I think all that you do is
    amazing, hope to watch more of your videos♥


  • Megan X 2 years ago

    You are very pretty. Thanks for sharing how you curled your hair.

  • Dzenana B 2 years ago

    You really don’t have to fake smile through out the whole video 

  • Erin Matthew 2 years ago

    So pretty! & I loove your hair colour

  • Hong Gau 2 years ago

    What do people mean by ASIAN HAIR???? 

  • Mary Brijlall 2 years ago

    I love your hair color =)

  • classicammy06 2 years ago

    holy crap she looked like maggie from walking dead in this

  • eririri 2 years ago

    random but where did you get your wall sticker thingy? 

  • Shinji D 2 years ago

    Im not into these things but WOW, when u smile my heart just melts :D 

  • Grace 2 years ago

    your hair is always perfect ugh!<3

  • LopsidedCircle 2 years ago

    you look so great with this lengthhhhh

  • Natasha Mary 2 years ago

    this would literally only work on asian or very thin hair. If I did this my
    hair would be SO frizzy and gross. 

  • angela lissette 2 years ago

    this isnt suitable for all hair types. *thumbs down*

  • Alice Choi 2 years ago

    you pull off short hair so well.. i’m jealous :( love your makeup in here
    too! :) 

  • Sophia Biggs 2 years ago

    SO CUTE!

  • jirayu laongsook 2 years ago

    You are so beautiful.

  • jarjarlove22 2 years ago

    You look like Sooyoung from SNSD :) ))

  • annaleeandjesse 2 years ago

    So good!

  • BeautybyGenecia 2 years ago

    Leave it to Jenn to make a look so effortless. It’s like it’s second
    nature. Love your signature look. Beautiful xoxo

  • Sid Daisy 2 years ago

    Is your hair thick or thin?

  • Yinyin 2 years ago

    Loving the music! And the tutorial of course :) 

  • Carmen Kassidi Yau 2 years ago

    Where did u get ur wallpaper jenn? The geometric pattern? Thanks: )

  • JamiePaigeBeauty 2 years ago

    YESSSS <3 love this!