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Makeup Ideas


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  • ellis lovelybowz 4 years ago

    I do that :) ) when i see a butterfly. I go butterfly then my friend look at me like -_- ?

  • deathrotekm 4 years ago

    I love ur hair :D !!

  • Jasmaryz Lollita 4 years ago

    its jasmaryzlollita

  • angela garcia 4 years ago

    Whats Your Instagram Username ? ;o

  • ApacheGirl81 4 years ago

    Butterfly… Butterfly again… :-D  Love it!! Lol. So cute.

  • PainlessIndenial 4 years ago

    You’re really pretty<3 I used to do the same thing, I think I’ll start again c: haha Butterfly :3 then Airplane xD haha

  • Jasmaryz Lollita 4 years ago

    @xxx0utw1thh34rtsxxx i have a video up on how i do my eyliner c:

  • Micki Mouse 4 years ago

    Question, how do you do like the make up you have in this video? It looks very basic but I would still like to know. c:

  • Kali Sabatino 4 years ago

    Dahh i love your hair!

  • alex creager 4 years ago

    what dy brand did yooh use!? its pretty!!!!!!!!!

  • killerkittykat99 4 years ago

    random cat in the background

  • NeverShoutNeesey 4 years ago

    awww thats such an adorable idea and i love your hat xxx

  • SKRILLshy6UkPk 4 years ago

    tehee wow so pretty. i bet many people adore you

  • LaLaEmoLand 4 years ago

    ur eyes n eyebrows r so perfect :D

  • KatastropXe 4 years ago

    God, that blue is just lovely.

  • StellasCharms 4 years ago

    u are fuckin pretty:)xx

  • Kitty Vanity 4 years ago


  • Kitty Vanity 4 years ago