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Long Hair Styles


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  • dominikfilms 4 years ago

    Dear whoever’s reading this, you’re beautiful and someone out there is
    crazy about you, so smile, life is too short to be unhappy :) 

  • missOhdrey 4 years ago

    I dont mean it in a negative way, but you look so good with dark hair! This
    yellow blond is too harsh :/ dark suits you better, but you’re still
    beautiful of course.

  • Lili Avelar 4 years ago

    Your hair this color is beautiful. I don’t understand why people leave the
    negative comments. Girl you can rock this look! You can’t even tell its
    damaged lmfao people just wanna talk. Love the makeup on this as well.
    What’s the lip?

  • Makeupbybri 4 years ago

    short hair? lol this is not short.

  • Joanne Park 4 years ago

    Your hair is like my DREAM HAIR! My hairs down to my waist, but A bob would
    look super unflattering on my face, and my hair is really straight with no
    volume so the bob would just NOT be flattering on me. Its such a bummer ;(

  • Dulce Candy 4 years ago

    Happy Monday! Any one else rocking short hair?

  • Sabrina 4 years ago

    i can’t color my hair because it’s so sensitive D: I got highlights and two
    years later I’m still recovering

  • Sarah Ashford 4 years ago

    You said you were going to talk about your upkeep and products you use for
    that color. I guess you forgot:/

  • yvonne0024 4 years ago

    Girl i love you and your beautiful!! BUT i hate the new hair color!! no no
    no!! Looks a little dirty to me. Not that you are!! but it just looks like

  • The Zoe Report 4 years ago

    Love the short hair! Great tips.
    xo Team Zoe 

  • zasyas 4 years ago

    I love your hair so much! It looks amazing :) 

  • vanessa aguinaga 4 years ago

    Oh girl not your color is not negatity im not traying to be mean i know is
    your decision your choice amd your liking but friends tell the truth right?
    I think blonde looks good on you but something more golden maybe kinda a
    jlo blonde just for example 

  • Atsuko Haji 4 years ago

    In my opinion her hair look dry and demage. Just sayiny, anyway love you
    tons Dulce. :) 

  • MrNotThatFamous 4 years ago

    oh snaps 47th viewer, here early! now to watch :p

  • RachhLoves 4 years ago

    LOVE the shorter hair girl!! I cut mine a few months ago and it was scary
    but I love it now! PS: Love the little pup chillin in the bg – what a

  • The Lady 4 years ago

    +DebsAquadisiac amoreee io li voglio cosiiii! (Non di lunghezza
    ovviamente.. Almeno per ora ahahah)

  • TheBeautyReview101 4 years ago

    Ichiban lipstick for men!! 

  • Mari4194 4 years ago

    Looks to me like she straight up copied NicoleGuerriero on this one. The
    cut, the style, the color, all nicole.. Sorry to say but the blonde is not
    your thing dulce

  • Beauty By Carol 4 years ago

    Is it just me? Or is making friends and gaining subscribers harder than you
    expected #newyoutuberproblems

  • MultiFluffys 4 years ago

    Are u guys kidding I love her hair color on hair especially with this cut! 

  • clinique 4 years ago

    Stop copying Nicole guerido 

  • Jessica Gonzalez 4 years ago

    i wonder if the hairstylist is reading the comments to this video and
    hearing how everyone doesn’t like the color she did 

  • lulupossum 4 years ago

    Just a suggestion…. You should try Guy Tang for a hair color make over!
    He’s the best I’ve ever known for it. And if you would like to, a hair cut
    too. He’s really good at both cuz he’s got his techniques, tips and trick!

  • AmaddiesWorld 4 years ago

    In all honesty Dulce I love you and I respect you but this hair color was a
    no no. It looks like your roots need a touch up badly. You should just
    stick with a natural color, in my opinion I like your hair better when it
    was black and when it was brown at some point. I love blonde highlights but
    this was a nono. And to all the YouTube thugs who want to try to argue with
    MY OPINION go sit down and chill because I am not judging her nor talking
    smack. I’m stating my opinion based on how I FEEL about her new hair style
    and color. Mhmkay? Xoxo

  • Smartmom1981 4 years ago
  • Mary P. 4 years ago

    dafaq, girl? get rid of those harsh roots and you’ll look super duper…and
    your hair is not short…and that electrocuted hair look is not