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Yep. I cut my hair again! This is how I style my shorter length :) P.S. Expand this for a sneaky giveaway!!! Super awesome coupon codes just for you! LUSTRUM…

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  • muskan malek 3 years ago

    I ordered my nume pearl wand today. I was wondering when it woild arrive?
    Btw I live in canada.

  • EmziGrace22 3 years ago

    I am thinking about cutting my hair to the length you first cut yours to,
    Ingrid, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not! I cut about 2 and a half
    inches off my hair in January and now my hair goes to about the middle of
    my chest but it needs cutting anyway and I think i want it shorter, the
    only problem is, i wear my hair up quite a lot and I’m worried if i cut it
    i won’t be able to do this, can anyone help? Has anyone cut their hair to
    this length recently? Please reply! Btw it looks amazing on you, Ingrid x
    Thankyou xoxo

  • KateCreates 3 years ago

    Is there anyway to do this without heat? I’ve tried a few different ways
    but the curls turn out super structured which I’m personally not in love

  • Sofia Silva 3 years ago

    Ingrid that’s not short hair, it’s medium length hair xD it might be short
    for you since you always had long hair tho :P 

  • Itsmicahpatricio 3 years ago

    Omg that’s my shampoo.

  • Lauren Cydni 3 years ago

    I’m about to get this haircut so can anyone please tell me what I would ask
    for when getting this hair cut??

  • beba0320 3 years ago

    My celebrity hair crush would be Selena Gomez and Lauren Conrad 

  • Leena S 3 years ago

    I love Selena gomez hair it’s gorgeous

  • TigerMaya123 3 years ago

    How long did it take you to curl? I use 20 min on my LONG hair..

  • PerfectBeautyAlicia 3 years ago

    I love her style, positivity, and smile. She is so sweet and I’m so glad I
    found her channel. She’s one of the beauty/fashion gurus that keep me going
    on with making my YouTube videos! I love you Ingrid!!! ♥♥

  • Batsheva Rosenfeld 3 years ago

    I cut off 16 inches

  • Ria Blattner 3 years ago

    Lily collins ♡

  • cherylcherry98 3 years ago

    I just cut my hair and I hate the fact that my hair is wavy/curly. The ends
    are pretty but the top of my head is extremely puffy and it really annoys
    me. Does someone know how I could stop my hair from getting puffy??

  • mari lemus 3 years ago

    I tried the Got2B Heat Protectant and so far I dislike it

  • MJ SM 3 years ago

    my celebrity hair crush would be kim k, always versatile !

  • Grace Jang 3 years ago

    I wish I could cut my hair as short as you with confidence but I feel like
    my face will look like a balloon…

  • Jennifer Saxer 3 years ago

    how do you get your hair so shiny! :) ?

  • Sara Khan 3 years ago

    You are soo pretty!

  • KathrineComia 3 years ago

    thank you and i love your vids! <3

  • Dezarre Lurry 3 years ago

    Lmao! My hair is this length and its not short. It’s shoulder length. Which
    means its medium not short

  • Rachel Marti 3 years ago

    I love your hair, it’s exactly how I want mine. I’m actually cutting mine
    for my graduation. My hair crush is Lily Collins also. Does the codes still
    work as of now? 

  • Meghan smilesallthetime 3 years ago

    my celebrity hair crush is Taylor swifts with her bob! its so cute!

  • TigerMaya123 3 years ago

    I asked my mom if I could cut my hair that length and she said yes! I’m so
    exited, I have hair all the way down to my hips, and I think it’s gonna be
    so much easier to west it, and style it, and all of that! I love your

  • Samantha L 3 years ago

    I’m trying to use the coupon code for the set and argan oil but it is not
    giving me the argan oil. Do I have to add it to my cart? Has anyone else
    had this issue?

  • missbeautydork08 3 years ago

    is her hair blunt cut or layered?

  • Brianna Myers 3 years ago

    How long are the coupon codes good for?? 

  • Mysterious Chocolate Chip 3 years ago

    Ok if this is short hair… am I bald?

  • kaylakoo 3 years ago

    OMG Ingrid!!! THANKYOU for uploading this! I am getting my hair cut
    tomorrow and have the same color hair as you and the same facial shape. I
    needed to know how I should get it done and how to style it. You are my
    ideal hair and life queen!!!! <3

  • Michaela Marie 3 years ago

    I’m cutting my hair (:

  • LexiLouxoxo 3 years ago

    I can’t stop watching this video

  • dancingThePasion 3 years ago

    How long is the codes available for? I know they’re still working. But
    would like to know for how long?

  • Charmi Patel 3 years ago

    Omgosh my favorite is lilly Collins too I love how she always has a
    different way of wearing her hair it inspires me so much, I love her
    natural brown long hair it inspires me to dye my hair too

  • Amy Melton 3 years ago

    My celeb hair crush is Cara Delevine