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Watch more How to Put on Makeup like a Pro videos: Learn how to apply liqui…

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  • Leema Viji 3 years ago

    Quite funny. You have make up on and then you seem to be applying
    foundation over that. Not a great idea.

  • Sophiesticated 3 years ago

    ummm. the sponge gives the most coverage. just saying. (by sponge I mean
    something like beauty blender, the thing she shows looks like fabric used
    in housebuilding)

  • jennifer rodriguez 3 years ago
  • liz liz 3 years ago

    I can’t even pluck my eyebrows evenly Do you think this will work for me?

  • GPXgirl 3 years ago

    I can never apply it right, it always looks horrible, I’ve tried brushes
    and sponges. It turns out blotchy and cakey.

  • Liz Bieber 3 years ago

    Liquid foundation shows my facial hair. It doesnt show yours. Is powder

  • Katherine Christopher 3 years ago

    makeup forever HD foundation

  • Gracia Stephens 3 years ago

    What the hell?! What’s the point of applying makeup on top of makeup? How
    can we understand what’s the effect of that sh*t on your skin and what the
    difference is? -.-

  • hanna childs 3 years ago

    she already had stuff om

  • Marco Menichini 3 years ago

    The thing you should do is to apply foundation BEFORE all the make-up is
    done… However, this is a little bit helpful for the beginners.

  • Nilofer Deshmukh 3 years ago

    Not good….

  • Abha Tiwari 3 years ago

    Is there any liquid foundation on her brush . because I think she is just
    squishing empty brush on her face
    Why is her face full made up .and applying foundation on top of her make up

  • Fantage Commy 3 years ago

    Kinda look like katy perry

  • Stephanie Linet Vickery 3 years ago

    Not even helpful she already had a face full of make up

  • TeamMindless101 3 years ago

    I need to start using the brushes I hate using straight sponge because ,I
    feel like u don’t get nothing done

  • lujan909 3 years ago

    really?…-_- what is the tip? applying foundation over your full make

  • Maryann Malana 3 years ago

    you’re too white already so how can i believe that this also helps in same
    my skin tone dark?

  • faith kostrzewski 3 years ago

    Did she apply her foundation on top of an already existing layer of

  • pong jo 3 years ago

    how can she teach us to put foundation if she already has make-up on

  • Christy Mauch 3 years ago

    Thank you for a realistic demonstration! Very helpful.

  • Hollie 3 years ago

    My favorite way? Clean fingers…they’re free and they don’t waste the

  • SuperKittyKai 3 years ago

    Am I the only one that notices she looks just like Robin from How I Met
    Your Mother? Unless she is O_O then I’d feel stupid xD

  • Proxy Drowned 3 years ago

    Woah This Really Helped Ty xx

  • HOTGlamBoy 3 years ago

    Verry helpfull tank u

  • eripmav79 3 years ago

    u r so pretty