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How to Apply Mineral Makeup Tutorial More Monday Makeup Lesson | Let’s be friends outside youtube: I N S T A G R A M…

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  • 8meemzii 4 years ago

    I’ve been learning about makeup for ages but I still learn something new
    from each and every video of yours and I love that there are many tips in
    such short length videos. thank you :D 

  • TheMakeupChair 4 years ago

    How to apply mineral loose foundation, I’m really surprised how this turned
    out I don’t usually use minerals but this foundation gives me just the
    right amount of coverage and doesn’t feel dry or caky it’s surprisingly
    dewy! Let me know if you’ve tried minerals and what you think of it xx

  • Samantha Ann 4 years ago

    You have such relaxing videos! You look so gorgeous!

  • WatchMeFail 4 years ago

    it’s so dewy, i can’t believe it’s a mineral powder! you look gorgeous as

  • All Natural Aspirations 4 years ago

    Great look and great tips too! I love mineral make up and it’s all I use :-) I love how it can be lighter or heavier coverage and that it just looks
    like you have airbrushed skin! Mineral foundation doesn’t even look like
    make up imo :-) xx

  • Zane MUA 4 years ago

    How do these foundations work over dry patches on the skin?

  • Nourhan Hisham 4 years ago

    the brush tip is absolutely brilliant !

  • Amber J 4 years ago

    I use Mineral Foundation since I hate the feeling of a liquid foundation.
    My skin feels light and airy instead of feeling like a mask. My favorite is
    Everyday Minerals at the moment. Great tutorial. Now, I know an even better
    way of putting it on my face.

  • Mehnaz Khalid 4 years ago

    Great vid but is it just me or is the lighting too bright!! Love you
    Sinead! x

  • plopp ilopp 4 years ago

    “Touch my face now!” LOL :P 

  • رانيا محمد 4 years ago

    I like you and your videos. You are so elegant and gorgeous :)

  • Honeylovoxox 4 years ago

    Can you do a freelance kit video??

  • AngelynnKitty 4 years ago

    I love the way your skin looks. Even though you are using mineral
    foundation, it does not look too matte, dry, and powdery. Very pretty, but
    for most days I will probably stick to a liquid/cream foundation. (: <3

  • aine boyle 4 years ago

    Would you recommend this foundation? I’m looking for a good mineral
    foundation , is there any good affordable one this one is a bit a out my
    price range , I’m looking for a really natural foundation x

  • Chloe MUA 4 years ago

    I have always wanted to try mineral makeup, i heard they are good for oily

  • yary ali 4 years ago

    Would you recommend this for very oily skin? 

  • EmmaNorgaard 4 years ago

    Awesome video, I haven’t used mineral foundation in ages, I used to swear
    by Bare Minerals matte foundation. :) x

  • Rikki Chambers 4 years ago

    Super helpful! Thank you so much. I love your videos and you are one of my
    favourite youtubers :) Which mineral foundation do you recommend? I have
    normal to oily skin . Thanks :) 

  • Courtney McCain 4 years ago

    I don’t know what foundation shade I should use how do I find out

  • Nat Leeman // BlondeBeauty13 4 years ago

    I really want to try more mineral foundations :) what do you think to

  • Marcela Jativa 4 years ago

    Are you wearing false lashes? They look so good! If so, which ones are
    they?! They look so natural and beautiful!!

  • Zarkesh Hassan 4 years ago

    Can you try one to choose the right foundation? Can you do your favourite
    products you use? Please Do One Dear! Xoxox

  • HIGSOFX 4 years ago

    I’m in love with BareMinerals and I see you use Youngblood. Have you tried
    any other mineral foundations that you like? :) 

  • NakedWithoutMyLippy 4 years ago

    So helpful! I’m a little nervous to try mineral foundation. Your skin is
    flawless. XX 

  • Simone Mumford 4 years ago

    Beautiful Sinead! As always top quality vid x

  • Evelyn Torres 4 years ago

    Never thought about putting on mineral foundation this way, that brush
    looks very helpful! Thanks.