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Step by step mineral makeup application. By Elegant Minerals®. Feel Beautiful Naturally. 30 day money-back guarantee. No clubs. Bismuth FREE! 100% All Natura…

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  • rollerghost615 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, however, I really hate when companies use models who have absolutely NO NEED whatsoever for any sort of foundation/concealer type make up to display their products. It does not portray how well the product can work because no one can tell the difference. :

  • fgtyhrtyuityuiftj 4 years ago

    Online Latino women here who can trust

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

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  • shalaryhal 4 years ago

    You actually happen to be unbelievably gorgeous, thanks for your video. it happens to be miserable i’m located within Port Washington for the reason that i can’t get hold of decent cosmetics, however i find free samples through ‘Gratis Makeup Samples’. i love L’Oreal makeup!

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

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  • bubbleyumish 4 years ago

    I recently bought micabella eyeshadows I like the intense colors but wen I apply it comes out light faded and starts to fall of but i dont kno why , I use base conclear and it still doesnt stick and give me bright intensive color…..i tried dipping the brush in water and then appling but that doesnt work either….please can you tell me how i can use this product?

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi MonikaLoveYouM,

    Thanks for your comment, Mineral Makeup is the wave of the future, all natural and safe for any skin type.

    We do ship to Netherlands, For orders under $50 shipping is $12.95
    For all orders over $50 shipping is only $4.00

    Elegant Minerals

  • MonikaLoveYouM 4 years ago

    I think these mineral products are amazing,but i live in the Netherlands and i can’t buy it here. :-{
    Love the mineral products…they seem só natural. Thanks for showing them.

  • Froggirl20260 4 years ago

    it depends on your prefrence…some people like the mineral and others like the liquid. i use both

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi MILAINExox,
    OUR mineral makeup is better for your skin because it is formulated to be the best for sensitive skin & will help control breakouts, if you have them…

    Other products such as Nivea are not O.K… They have HARMFUL ingredients such as:
    PARABENS: a preservative linked to Breast Cancer! We found FOUR types of Parabens in their Tinted moisturizers. & Petro-CHEMICAL Based Ingredients: potentially cancer causing.

    At Elegant Minerals, we Do Not use harmful ingredients.

  • MILAINExox 4 years ago

    OMG! im so Tierd of peaple saying im too young! god im not to young im the perfect age!

  • MILAINExox 4 years ago

    um i was wondering.. is a liquid foundation better for adolesents then mineral cause i herd it was? im into make up and im only 12 so i wering liquid so should i stop??

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Elegant Minerals Video Contest – Everyone is welcome to participate.

    We are looking for the best, “How to Apply Mineral Eye Shadow” video using Elegant Minerals Eye Shadows.

    1st place – Over $220.00 in product!
    2nd Place – Over $140.00 in product!
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    So dust off that web cam and start shooting video!

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  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Yes! Our Mineral Makeup is excellent for your skin. It will improve your skin and does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives.

  • yukikoMIN 4 years ago

    is mineral make up/foundation good for skin?

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi Angelprincessnina,

    You can get 1 of our 5g jar size (approx. 1.8g net weight) for $6.00

    Our 10g jar size (approx. 5g net weight) is $12.00

    You can get a better deal when purchasing them with a makeup kit.

    Unlike other mineral eye shadows, our eye shadows have real staying power. They will last for hours!

    Thanks for asking. :o )

    Elegant Minerals

  • angelprincessnina 4 years ago

    hey ..i just wanna kno whts the normal price for eyeshadows…yesterdayi bought 2 for 18 $…is it gd..orcouldit be cheaper?

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    We Have Wonderful News!!

    Our .01 cent foundation sample kits are back!

    This is simply the most economical way to find the SPF-15 Pure Mineral Foundation thats right for you.

    6 Different kits to choose from.

    These are offered while supplies last.

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

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  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi holamiere,

    It sounds like you need to use our “Red Clay Mask” to help moisturize & balance your skin. Using harsh cleansers can make things worse. You may want to use a more natural facial cleanser too. Our facial bars are the best for dry or sensitive skin.

    Our foundations are better! We do not have, “Parabens” or other harsh chemicals in our products.

    We offer over 25 foundation colors, you’re sure to find the right one!

    PLUS..No auto-shipments. We offer a money-back guarantee!

  • holamiere 4 years ago

    hm, i was gonna buy true cover but now im looking at this also. uff i dnt knw wat to do!i get dry patches even after moisturizin, exfoliating etc. what should i do? and doesnt all this powdery makeup stand out, coz it can cling on o facial hair init?? so u can tell!lol.. help plzzzzz. thanx

  • ExpoTVBeauty 4 years ago


  • horseshowgal91 4 years ago

    pat, tap, circle! I work at merle norman and that is the easiest way to remember!
    Pat in the product
    tap off the excess back into the container
    circle on your face(buff)

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi, You can Call +61414480420, ask to speak to Kim Bourne. She can help you with anything you may need. Thanks for asking,

    Elegant Minerals

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hello Rh1no1,

    It sounds like you havent found the right color match for your foundation.
    With the right foundation color you should look flawless..Air brushed.
    We offer 20+ foundation colors and can allways color match your current foundation (no matter the type) for no charge and will also send you a free sample of your color match.
    We offer our ultimate concealers for people with sensitive skin. it has a higher spf-25 and also has zinc in it to help improve you skin


  • Rh1no1 4 years ago

    What do you have for 30-somethings who have dry skin? This mineral powder seems to make me look older. :-(

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    HI copernicia Talent,

    We’ve heard 1000′s of sucess stories from women with acne prone skin. Our Ultimate Concealers contain zinc which is known for soothing & healing skin. You may want to try some samples to find your color. It could change your life!

    Elegant Minerals

  • coperniciaTalent 4 years ago

    i have cystic acne … should i get your products? i need to have a perfect complexion to be a flight attendant next month

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi coffeescup,

    Thanks for the feedback! It was nice talking to you, feel free to call us any time. :o ) I forgot to mention, if you sign up for our newletter you can get coupon codes for Xtra savings… 4 times a year we offer 50% off the entire site! These specials are only announced to our newletter subscribers!!

    Elegant Minerals

  • Euterpe001 4 years ago

    Thanks! I just bought some EM products and I can’t wait to try them out.

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hi Euterpe001,

    What a great idea, jojoba oil & natural lotions are an excellent way to moisturize your skin.

  • coffeescup 4 years ago

    finally mineral makeup that doesnt irritate my skin!!!! the customer service is top notch too. i just called today and they are very accommodating.

  • Euterpe001 4 years ago

    I make liquid foundation by mixing my mineral makeup with Jojoba oil. It works great.

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Hello pheonixphire,

    Thank you for your comment. We have several foundation shades for women of color. If you can’t find the color you need, let us know. We can color match the any store brand color your currently using.

    Feel free to contact us at any time, we’d love to hear from you!

    Elegant Minerals

  • pheonixphire 4 years ago

    i have yet to find a mineral makeup that looks good on african american skin.

  • ElegantMinerals 4 years ago

    Permanent Price Reduction!!
    On ALL our 20g & 30g jars!

    We have moved into a larger facility to serve you better.

    This has allowed us to increase our production volume.

    In return, this has reduced our cost & we are passing it on to You, our valued customers!!!