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Sephora expert shows you how to apply mineral makeup correctly.

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  • ThatFlower12 4 years ago

    @scgsrdh yes i mean it. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. and i can tell u , i really got shocked when i receive my maybelline beauty kit without any dime @ my home yesterday. i got it from here. you can also try it >>>

  • Nicole Smith 4 years ago

    i just bought really expensive mineral makeup, i dont like it much though :( its too shimmery which gives a shiney look and I HATE looking shiney I need a matt finish.

  • swtsoph 4 years ago

    Not a chance. Every time I’ve gone there they’ve pushed and pushed products at me until I want to RUN out of the store. They must work on commission because they’re relentless. The point of my earlier post is that they can’t expect to sell anything with a perfect skinned model because the video doesn’t show any improvement. There’s nothing to improve. If they used a real person with real skin issues, then I would be impressed with the results (if they showed improvement).

  • Brit Liggett 4 years ago

    I don’t personally have perfect skin and I wear mineral makeup. Plus it is not as harsh or pore-clogging as regular makeup so can make your skin better over time. Just go to Sephora and have them put the stuff on you. You’ll get it.

  • swtsoph 4 years ago

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy it that your model didn’t already have foundation on her face. If she didn’t – if her skin really is that perfect – then you’re using the wrong model. Use someone with skin like a normal human being. How about a little acne or acne scarring? Some Rosacea or a few wrinkles? I myself have some pretty persistent melasma. I wan’t someone to show me how to get good coverage without looking chalky or making the wrinkles around my eyes look like they’re engraved there.

  • Brit Liggett 4 years ago

    Actually, it has been proven that using all natural makeup, like mineral makeup, will actually clear up your skin! So you are totally right. Mineral makeup is foor people with perfect skin because it can be aa huge part in clearing skin up. It totally worked for me, I highly recommend making thr switch!

  • Natthix 4 years ago

    yeah, mineral makeup is for people with perfect skin -.-