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PLEASE READ ME FOR MORE DETAILS***** Hey Guys, This is all about getting the best results from your blowout!! I started the video with already shampoo…

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  • Jermesha Johnson 4 years ago

    Your hair looks great and you’re beautiful

  • paula edie 4 years ago

    U are so adorable omg.

  • okeomasings8 4 years ago

    I know this isn’t a recent video but how long do your blowouts last? I’m
    trying to avoid flat ironing my hair and I really like the outcome from
    your blowout and I want to know how long it would last for me. Thank you

  • lydia kyeremeh 4 years ago


  • osimeon00 4 years ago

    Love the music used on this. I hate when Youtubers use ratchet modern music
    to seem cool.

  • heldylala 4 years ago

    Do u recommend a moisturizing treatment or protein before heat ? What about
    after heat to get curls back ? 

  • ToriseNation 4 years ago

    I’ve been blow drying my hair wrong for forever

  • Jerrica VanDyke 4 years ago

    That shrinkage is real! Omg, but ur hair is long tho. I hate shrinkage, but
    hey, i still love my natural hair

  • Jessica Frazier 4 years ago

    So I dried my hair two days ago and now its too dry to flat iron. What is
    the best way to get some moisture back before I straighten? 

  • porcha m 4 years ago

    Do you have any tips on frizz? 

  • IcedLipGloss 4 years ago

    WHAT if i dont have a nozzle for my blow dryer?

  • Evelyn Washington 4 years ago

    I watched this yday and bought everything you said and omg I swear my hair
    has NEVER been so strait just doing a blow out! The brush method works
    crazy wonders!! Thank you so much for the info. You really know what you’re
    talking about! Love my hair!!! :) 

  • Tia Auguste 4 years ago

    how long u been natural

  • Nina Accoh 4 years ago

    u blow dry ur hair the same way i do. i dont use a nozzle tho but it still
    comes out fine.

  • Xiomara Reyes 4 years ago

    Nice tutorial. I have a tip for you. If you use the round brush technique
    with small round brush and take more time on each section you won’t even
    need to use the flat iron. I recommend TurboPower hair blower. Its
    reallyyyy good. 

  • Cordella Clay 4 years ago

    EPS FHI!!! WONDERS! I am a Licensed hairstylist and I concur with
    EVERYTHING here in this message!! Way to educate!!!~ 

  • Baybehho 4 years ago

    Great video! Was your hair wet or dry when you started??

  • Nia Mari 4 years ago

    What’s the song?! :D 

  • tiffaniee harris 4 years ago

    This video was so helpful! One question how do you keep your blowout
    lasting without having to keep blowing it out everyday?

  • Laquiesha Bailey 4 years ago

    what is her hair type? anyone know?

  • aniko mcclendon 4 years ago

    does this work on all hair types, because I think my hair is a lot tougher.

  • Jeremy Townsend 4 years ago

    Wow you got your hair so straight after you blow dried it, it didn’t even
    look like you needed to flat iron lol love it!

  • Zah Me 4 years ago

    this was so very helpful Thank you…I cant wait until I have to wash my
    hair now

  • Lillian 4 years ago

    If more black women and women with curly hair only knew the versatility of
    beautiful styles and length they could enjoy with natural hair. I’m so
    happy to be natural and grateful for people like you helping us noobs. 

  • dyva lei 4 years ago

    Good love it

  • Genavive Apeadu 4 years ago

    Gorgeous hair

  • Naomi Waters 4 years ago

    I Need To Do This..But What If I Dont Have A Nozzle Thing. Can I Still Do
    It +MariaAntoinetteTV 

  • phyllis boatemaah 4 years ago

    marie i personally like to blow out my hair because my hair is really
    stubborn, i can hardly comb. but i heard it can cause my hair to lose its
    real texture and starts to break. how true is that

  • Selina Lozano 4 years ago

    My hair it just like diz

  • Rose Brown 4 years ago

    Hello, Great video. I plan on trying this on my hair as well as my
    daughter’s hair. How often would you prefer to do blowouts on your hair and
    how long does your hair stay straight? Thanks

  • Terry-Ann Hunter 4 years ago

    Hi love your video! Did you use a specific type of brush to do the blowout
    or will any brush do?

  • Rebecca Manirankunda 4 years ago

    How long dose this take 

  • lima bima 4 years ago

    Very helpful thank you!

  • Talor Berrelez 4 years ago

    You’re such a sweetheart! I love your hair xo

  • Bailee Hackney 4 years ago

    It could been straighter, yes it was good for a blow dryer, but I would
    still go after with a flat iron. I personally use a straightening comb
    because not only does it get my hair super straight, my roots also stay
    straight. I use the flat iron very little, I use the straightening comb
    more often, actually for most of my life.

  • Wilma Latimore 4 years ago

    So glad I’ve seen this video gotta try it !!! Thanks girl !!

  • jesspraise35 4 years ago

    Yes your hair is really straight. It looks really nice.

  • NDwhoelse 4 years ago

    How long did the whole process take you with the blow dry and then flat
    iron with trim?