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  • Tiana San Tiago 4 years ago

    thanxs for telling me!

  • nsuresh08 4 years ago

    @bgeioya yes i mean it. that was a mascara in the parcel which i got from maybelline last week. and i can tell u , email and your address is enough to get your mascara gift. if you wanna try just try now –>

  • Iwuzhere321 4 years ago

    Howcast has the SHITTIEST, untrue makeup advice. You don’t necessarily have to have warm or cool undertones. You can also have neutral undertones. Liquid foundations can have THICKEST HEAVIEST coverage of any other foundation. Cream can also have sheer foundation. Do not apply liquid foundation with your fingers. That only makes your foundation not last long at all. Use a damp sponge for dry skin or a foundation brush for oily/combination skin.

  • Iwuzhere321 4 years ago

    Not true. You can still have Neutral undertones

  • popcornpiggie 4 years ago

    powder is less coverage but powder foundation is more coverage. powder itself without it being powder foundation is translucent.

  • KristineBlush 4 years ago

    gingers and people who has naturally black hair and is very very pale has cool undertones, everyone else has warm, .. dont be fooled if you have red/pink in your skin……its still a warm tone, promise :)

  • TheRoseiee 4 years ago

    powder is less coverage

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    11th and laster

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