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Jared shows how to color & highlight hair putting a twist on the classic highlight by using a weave and texturizing technique. Hair Color Products Used: TIGI…

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  • Anna Lisa 3 years ago

    Love how you’re using a model with fine hair. You rarely see this on
    hairdressers videos. 

  • PhoenixAsh 3 years ago

    Oh god…all these gay stylists and hairdressers…

  • Laura Wolf 3 years ago

    The technique is great, But am I the only one noticing that the client has
    hardly any hair? Look at the lines when he separates the section. 4.01 She
    will surely go bold soon.

  • Katherine C 3 years ago

    To PhoenixAss what has gay have to do with a good hairstylist? He did a
    beautiful job!!!!

  • ivoryvignettes 3 years ago

    Beautiful work, Jared xx
    Perfect highlights without looking stripey

  • diamond 4 hair 3 years ago


  • Transitioning Beauty ^_~ 3 years ago

    This came out amazing. I really like this technique and will use it on my
    own hair. I really don’t trust anyone but myself to do my hair (I’ve only
    ever had 2 good experiences in a salon), but I’d trust Toni and Guy. I need
    to make the trip to their salon in Atlanta one day. It’s a 4 hour drive,
    but I have no doubt in my mind that it would be worth it 110%

  • Cece Mattly 3 years ago

    toni&guy is a horrible salon! they kicked my soster in law out of school
    becausr she didnt want to cut her hair short and ran my best friend out
    because shr was “too alternative”. they judge u from the min u eslk in, I
    will never recomend this salon to anyone or step foot in one!

  • Stephan Le 3 years ago

    I want Jared on my hair!! Where can I find him???

  • Audrey Reyes 3 years ago

    jared is so adorable. 

  • Teddy Kissinger 3 years ago

    48 people were too cool for T&G 

  • HueBeauty 3 years ago

    Fabulous technique for a partial highlight, plus Jared is an awesome
    educator if you get the chance to work with him hands on!

  • coconny2010 3 years ago


  • Jesica Reber 3 years ago


  • pimpmyride 3 years ago

    He’s gorgeous 

  • Tatiana Ramos 3 years ago

    It loos almost the same he should of done like a dirty blone to give
    contrast , my oppinion

  • Ixo Garçons 3 years ago

    Love you <3

  • Cameron Sebastian 3 years ago

    I used this sectioning pattern on a client today and it came out
    beautifully! Definitely doing it again! Thanks for sharing :) 

  • Xristofilh Lekkakou 3 years ago

    Perfect video, thanks for sharing!!

  • Cece Mattly 3 years ago

    this was in two different states. and I myself have been to about 5
    different tono&guys myself. all of witch I had bad experiences. I am
    allowed to have my own opinion and I am only stating that opinion.

  • Miss Tina 3 years ago


  • HueBeauty 3 years ago

    I’m not sure if Jared works outside of the Advanced academy

  • THEREALBARBIE89 3 years ago

    +Tayloranne53 what I KNOW is simply stated in my comment but since your a
    moron I guess I’ll re type it just to be nice to you. So what I KNOW IS
    THIS SHADE OF BLONDE IS NOT GOOD FOR HER. it actually makes her look older
    in my opinion she can have a more youthful look with a beige base and
    caramel lowlights in my opinion she should have more warm tones instead of
    cool tones. Also I did not mention anything about the state of her hair
    which u-did. Nobody cares. What do YOU KNOW. Wait before you answer. …how
    about finding someone who cares old hag.

  • Amber Streitler 3 years ago

    creation! LOVE LOVE

  • saint valentine 3 years ago

    I love highlighting, when you are so involved in the process that you
    almost go into a time stopping meditation 

  • THEREALBARBIE89 3 years ago

    color is nice but not on her. and that red lipstick on her. not a good
    color match. sorry ppl blonde does not look good on all of you. its not a
    color many ppl can get away with this particular shade of blonde is not
    good on her. i think LOTS of people need help picking out the perfect shade
    of blonde. this is not the first time i see blonde gone wrong, with skin
    tone. ugh its so annoying lol i don’t knoww why

  • LavenderGhosts 3 years ago

    This is super gorgeous! I really want to do something like this. May try on
    a Mannekin first, to get the hang of it. 

  • veronicahearts 3 years ago

    how would you decide when to use this foiling technique?

  • stubru16 3 years ago

    half head highlights thats all it is!

  • Jayda Pierson 3 years ago

    This is lovley!

  • Heather Miller 3 years ago

    how do u lighten that lol
    white or clear

  • kasidy Del Valle 3 years ago

    good work and tecnic but need contras Y_Y