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Thank you for watching =) Which one did you like the most? SUBSCRIBE! I have more on the way!! Stay tuned and I’ll see you soon. =) Follow me on instagram: h…

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  • Anicia Marie 3 years ago
  • thejjcheer 3 years ago

    Do more videos like this!(:

  • MakeupMinionTV 3 years ago

    Love love LOVE your hair! :) Thanks for this video :) I’m always looking
    for new styles :) 

  • Texturized Curls 3 years ago

    I enjoyed your video. Your sisters hair looks similar to mine before
    texlaxing my curls, and your curls look like mine after the texture
    softener… so I loved both the hairstyles. Awesome!

  • amelia melian 3 years ago

    omg you should totally do a morning routine video !!!

  • Jonie Raquel 3 years ago

    Ok, I can do that :)

  • portia2380 3 years ago

    Both of u r gorgeous! I love how u show the styles on different textures of
    hair and yes please more curly hairstyles!

  • Jonie Raquel 3 years ago

    Aw thank you love! I sure will =)

  • Jonie Raquel 3 years ago