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Don’t forget to watch in HD – Hello my beautiful people! For today’s video I’m showing you guys how to create this unusual cut crease. If you’re new to cre…

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  • Amraya Johnson 3 years ago

    Wow, this is like art. The way u mix all the colours to get the blend u
    want. Amazing,

  • Natália Szomor 3 years ago

    I Love This Make Up!

  • Almirah Ragina Lodzia Barcelona 3 years ago

    Gosh I wish I was you.. You’re so adorable thank you so much this helped
    alot :*

  • Gabby Lsa 3 years ago

    ur nose piercing is it really?

  • truebeautyforever 3 years ago

    you are so pretty and youthful, and I love all your looks! I’ve been a
    subbie since you 1st started and always will be!

  • jialaurenxo 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what brand of contacts she wears? 

  • Sharon Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Love it but looks difficult. You are an artist!!!!

  • Amara Khanum 3 years ago

    cut crease is really hard to do..i just cant do it properly, your so
    perfect at it!

  • Sheryfa Dahman 3 years ago

    Why you apply jumbo nyx on your under eye ans after you put eye shadow it
    more during ? Sorry for my bad english i am french

  • destiny caldwell 3 years ago

    loove it! i wish i had more eyelids space so i could do this :) so pretty!
    i hope you can check out my channel some time if you have time! i jsut
    discovered your channel and im so happy i did! :) 

  • Antesmrtaquesensilla 3 years ago

    Hi i invite you to my channel please

  • Melissa Bobi 3 years ago

    great job love it

  • Art Giving 3 years ago

    يجنن المكياج ناعم ونظيف مرة

  • Eu Sou 3 years ago


  • itsPriscillaMarie 3 years ago

    I love love love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • BeautybyElla27 3 years ago

    OMG Lupe I saw you in Charis(charismastartv) new Disney video!!!! :) 

  • Noyemie26 3 years ago

    this is so ugly !!

  • vonzetta reid 3 years ago

    Great job!!!! I ❤️ this look I might explore it with different colors

  • MissAngelicSmile (Bhawna Ahuja) 3 years ago

    Super pretty & neat!

  • Ruby Alesha 3 years ago

    You are so much help .., ive just started hair and media make up and i
    could never do a cut crease very good .. and now i can so thank you!!

  • Lais Chaves 3 years ago

    perfeito…ficou lindo lindo!!!! congratulation

  • Meka Dread 3 years ago

    Girl, I am so excited to get my angled brush and get this eye make up thing
    started!!! Like your energy :) 

  • Elizabeth Molina 3 years ago

    You tasted it??

  • Sharla Sharla 3 years ago

    You are so prety …thanks for your wonderful video

  • lisa simpson 3 years ago


  • Angel S 3 years ago

    so pretty, man i wish i was this good with makeup, but i don’t have steady
    hands :( 

  • Personne Icroyable 3 years ago


  • Rokrpixie09 3 years ago

    You kinda remind me of charisma star jejej lovee the look i must try it
    soon im a new subbie :) 

  • Chic is Fierceness 3 years ago

    Omg I love this!!! Great tutorial

  • jacqueline kelly 3 years ago

    If you could, would you take a look at my channel? I’m not a professional
    by any means but just someone whip enjoys wearing makeup, I did a few vlogs
    but I also have a few GRWM. Some constructive criticism is welcomed! Thank
    you if you take a moment to

  • saba aloraimi 3 years ago


  • jacqueline kelly 3 years ago

    I just got the Chocolate Palette and I love it! Also loved this look, I
    always stay with the simple looks but going to step out of my comfort zone
    and experiment a bit, such a pretty look

  • Glam Crew 3 years ago


  • Maria Hernandez 3 years ago

    Do more cut crease looks.

  • cozie4 3 years ago