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Thin Hair



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  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    i do this for my daughter too because she hates when i brush her hair because its so thick and gets so any knots!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago


  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    not sure, but i think it would help!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    my hair is thick and wavy… not sure about frizzy hair, but i would think it would help!

  • missdancelover82 4 years ago

    Same as the person below me….

  • Michelle Salinas 4 years ago

    would this work for thick frizzy hair? cause my hair is so thick and frizzy and takes forever to straighten! thinking about thinning it out :)

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    so glad it helped!

  • tyaeyu14 4 years ago

    This was really helpful

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    HAHHA!! i totally understand and am so glad that i’m not annoying to you! glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Samantha Wade 4 years ago

    thanks for not being annoying! you’re so awesome to watch. i find way too many annoying people who try to make DIY videos…lol

  • OhhLiliBabyyy 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I used to get my hair thinned out at the hair salon, but the salon went out of business, && after a year my hair grew out && thickened. Now i can thin it out myself (:

  • Jeremy Franklin 4 years ago

    Very Very helpful. Thank you sooooo much. My daughter has thick hair and wants it long but she hates it when I comb her hair because it’s so snarly! I’ve been wanting to try cutting her hair myself and now I feel so confident that I can do it. You explained very well and I just know it’s going to look awesome!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    i got mine at sally’s :)

  • erica voll 4 years ago

    where can you get thinning shears??

  • fdmeza27 4 years ago

    I didn’t understand the part of cutting the hair.. Do you go straight down or chop away?

  • pamperedluvs ling 4 years ago

    can i just remove bulk using the thinning shears and start from my shoulder down?

  • megga225 4 years ago

    i really liked your video :) it was very helpful

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    it doesn’t change the length, just the thickness :)

  • mhazune 4 years ago

    When you use thinning shears, does it keep the same length or does your hair get shorter?

  • TheRedlightning78 4 years ago

    Wow, thanks a lot. It really helped me.

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    you’re welcome, thank you for watching!

  • piksylicious 4 years ago

    thank you for this video.. i laughed so hard when u said a mans tupee hahah… thanks for showing how to thin out the hair with the scissors also:)

  • MyMouseIsFly 4 years ago

    Omg thank you

  • ButterflyPhantom74 4 years ago

    Okay thank you for the help..but i still dont understand a little but O.O but im only 12…so i wouldnt be able to anyways, but i cut my own hair and it works out perfectly..but my hair is WAYYYYYYYY To thick. because im half indian and indian hair is really thick O.O and i want mine to be thin .-. 

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    i can’t remember, but under $10 :) )))

  • jessicabearville 4 years ago

    How much are the thinning shears? :) 

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    hahaha!!!! glad it helped!

  • DollfieMew 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for this vid! I get sick of my hair feeling like a fluff ball lol.

  • murasakimochi 4 years ago

    You talk very comfortably in front of the camera and you’re easy to follow. I was looking up tutorials for cutting my own hair and I’m glad I stumbled on yours. Keep it up!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    i got mine at Sally’s… thank you for watching! :) 

  • viennarrfann 4 years ago

    Where do you buy thinning shears? By the way, love your videos!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    thank you for watching!

  • weeseximeh 4 years ago

    Hey love the vid

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    oh good, i hope it turns out well!!!

  • TheAbsinthe1986 4 years ago

    Loved your video! I messed up cutting my hair last night, so will use your techniques tonight! :) You make it look very easy-Thanks!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    aw yes i will try next time! and thank you for watching!

  • alex pit 4 years ago

    Awesome vid..I wish you do a tut on how you cut your hair the next time you do, so we ge to see the real action =D

    I just subscribed ^__^ & am off to see the rest of your vids

    Thanx alot for sharing ^.^

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    i’m so glad you tried it and it worked out for you… now you never have to go to the salon again!! post some pictures, i wanna see :)

  • xbrigettex 4 years ago

    you inspired me to cut my own hair, and it WAS super easy! I actually love the results I got, Thank you!

  • alittleaboutalot 4 years ago

    wahahaaa!!! thank you!