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The leopard print or cheetah print hair color is a fun new trending color to do hair. There are lots of different ways you can do it. ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓…




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  • pandora love 4 years ago

    sorry for my comment but…. your technique is anti estetic
    as the result was fatal hair! iugg

  • Tsion Ford 4 years ago

    her hair was super staticy

  • Sinde Mae 4 years ago

    Curly hair pls! Thumbs up for creativity!! 

  • Lexi Garner 4 years ago

    Hey! I absolutely love your videos. I am 18 and in college, but I am so
    into cosmetology and am considering pursuing that field. Could you make a
    video on your cosmetology school experience, and maybe pros and cons of it?
    Or if you already have that up let me know? I look up to you so much and
    this would be awesome! Thank you! :) 

  • MissEmilovely 4 years ago

    I’ve heard of people using celery when doing it at home 

  • Alexis Kraus 4 years ago

    Very creative!

  • Bunny129 4 years ago

    Great job ! So creative with the celery ! Lol Now I just need to rack my
    brain for the rite client ! Can’t wait to try this ! 

  • karla caldera 4 years ago

    Do u have any videos on how to maybe fix it or what haircuts would be good
    for frizzy thick hair to restore it? 

  • tfrazee1 4 years ago

    april can you do a video on coloring gray hair…i have gray hair..its like
    the white gray..i want mine very very blonde i got it very blonde all over
    but i think i want it like a platinum blonde i dont like gold at all…what
    level can i use on gray..they say i cant use over a level 9 but that isnt
    light enough for me is there a color you can use to make gray hair very
    very blonde? what are some tips on this ? thanks ;) 

  • Lindy Linds 4 years ago

    Hii! I LOVE your videos! thank you so much for sharing!! i wanna ask you if
    you could do a tutorial about the “maths” of the color – proportions- like
    how to mix different colors and know the results that we can get … also
    can you talk a little bit about bleaching and toners? please!! i need some
    clarification in that area. thank you!

  • nicpey 4 years ago

    that’s actually pretty cool!

  • byuiblueeyes5 4 years ago

    That’s awesome! Love it! :) 

  • Melissa S 4 years ago

    that’s pretty cool who would have thought celery lol

  • DemonicC0ward 4 years ago

    It’s not a new trend, maybe it was 10 years ago at the scene era, 

  • TheLittleMissLizzie 4 years ago

    Will you make a video talking about how to deal with upset clients? And
    awkward situations and how to deal with them?

  • nickiielenaa 4 years ago

    This is so cool! I’ve done this to a friend and had to hand paint the
    cheetah spots … Not cool!

  • Kelsey Q 4 years ago

    I am officially hooked on your channel lol

  • schoshanna 4 years ago

    it looks great but this is how you distinguish a Leopard from a Cheetah:
    Leopard – open circles, Cheetah – just dots!!

  • Lynnette Marilyn 4 years ago

    Really like this. I must try this

  • Lauren Brimhall 4 years ago

    What the celery?! That’s frickin awesome. I need a gutsy client to sign up
    for this one, it just looked too fun! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness

  • Arantxa saldivar 4 years ago

    Esta hermoso, por favor si lo pudieras traducir a español, saludo desde el
    distrito federal, México

  • Anyuska Jahzeel 4 years ago

    Horrible jajaja

  • Jenn Larsen 4 years ago

    Leopard has complete circles cheetah has that design on her head. It’s
    really cool!

  • thisshits awkward 4 years ago

    She used celery. That’s ratchet XD

  • Alex Ramos 4 years ago

    Girls look prettier with their natural color. Stop frying your hair with
    color and bleach smh