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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!! Hi dolls! Ok this will be PERFECT for back to school or for work or just for fun. Bottom line is its SO EASY , even for us busy M…


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  • Debbie Anne 3 years ago

    Love your hair tutorials MORE MORE MORE!!

    This is amazing, defo trying this tomorrow :)

    Can I ask, whats that got2b like the day after? Do you need to wash it out
    or can you get away with brushing it and adding more or do you need to wash
    and start again? Just worried about causing more damage to my hair… i
    already made an error of brushing out batiste XXL…. OMG do not try it…
    this is the reason why i have thin hair… it wrecked it by brushing it out :( xx

  • seppisea 3 years ago

    love it and so easy!

  • Callie Adams 3 years ago

    Seriously can’t get over how cute she is Lol (:

  • Sacha Kraan 3 years ago


  • priyanka biswas 3 years ago


  • Lisa Wescott 3 years ago

    I have baby fine hair myself…and I love this style! Thank you for sharing
    this :) 

  • Laura Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    Great job with the tutorial! Going to try this right away! Thanks

  • Nicole Graham 3 years ago

    you ARE so cute! Love your bubbly personality :) 

  • Tonya Agostino 3 years ago

    Thanks… love this will for sure try it.

  • Rosetta McGuire 3 years ago

    So trying this.. Ty… 

  • Pamela Espindola 3 years ago

    I just found you on Youtube and you’re pretty awesome! Thank you <3 I’ve
    been looking for styles that are more now…

  • Jana Holubcová 3 years ago

    That is really great!!! I am gonna try it….. Normally I never make
    ponnytail – I look like an imbecile because I have thin hair, but this I
    think can work with my hair too….. thank you :-) 

  • Monaeja Porter 3 years ago

    Thx u help a lot but u talk to much

  • Toni Condra 3 years ago

    I miss you!! I wish you did more! You are so real!!!! Love, Toni

  • Ffion Rippard 3 years ago

    I have a bob but my hair is so thick but some of your videos you do helps

  • moon0halo 3 years ago

    What is the name of the brush that you use? Thanks! Trying this today.

  • trixiegirlism 3 years ago

    This is so creative and something really classy and different. I would have
    asked you about it too. Glad you shared it with us. Can’t wait to try.

  • myacus 3 years ago

    …Funny, I looked everywhere for that thickening power in the red bottle
    you mentioned some videos back and ended up settling for the Got2b stuff. I
    like it, it’s cheap and goes on sale all the time. Last time $3.99!
    Random…lolol Be well, Jxx

  • Marnie Rily 3 years ago

    Hey Sheri, You should do the DIY Dress made from a T Shirt. I know Your
    hubby likes harley davidson. maybe use one of His old Harley T Shirts :)

  • Anuki K. 3 years ago

    U’re so cute

  • LauraInCali 3 years ago

    My hair has gotten really thin due to weight loss. Really cute doo! Yes,
    more hair tutorials please! XOXOXOXO

  • Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) 3 years ago

    I’m so glad I found your video. I have long, super fine hair and I love how
    you did yours. I’m going to try it on mine.

  • Shewolfe1111 3 years ago

    Love the hair, looks so easy to do, yet also looks professionally done. I
    love your videos and I wait for them! :)

  • TheHipChickOnline 3 years ago

    Sheri – I have missed you!!! Love this look and YOU. Hope your summer is
    great! Love your blonde blonde hair right now. XOXO

  • AlwayzTheLast 3 years ago

    What bracelets are you wearing?

  • Lesley Smith 3 years ago

    Love it! I can’t wait to try this, it’s perfect for the pool. :)

  • susanloveshuskies 3 years ago

    It’s a really cute style for anyone. It’s super cute on wonder you
    get compliments on it. ;)

  • Sheribaby35 3 years ago

    Oh I hope you try it Sue, please let me know ok hunnie XOXO

  • Laurie Richter 3 years ago

    love the twirling idea!

  • Ava Aldridge 3 years ago

    Girl I Love this! I have thick hair but am still going to give this a try
    in the morning! You look hot with your hair up mama! I tagged you in that 3
    minute makeup challenge so I would love to see you do that video!

  • myacus 3 years ago

    Breathe Sheri breathe…lolol Love love your Aries energy! Much needed
    video, not enough on here addressing thin hair up-dos. Sure have missed
    you. Bless, Peace, Jxx

  • Linda V 3 years ago

    Love the dou! I’m trying it tmrw I would like a catch up on you and your
    honey, James :-)

  • Sheribaby35 3 years ago

    ahhh thankyou Colleen, its so easy and can be done just really casually
    with short hair or long hair! Xo,

  • Kelvweb 3 years ago

    So cute and easy! A trick I learned from stylist Theodore Leaf here on YT,
    is to put the bobby pins in with the wavy side toward the scalp. He says
    they grip better that way.

  • Andrea Cooper 3 years ago

    YOU are a LIFESAVER! All through highschool I gave up trying to have good
    hair because my hair is soooo thin and I felt like it was useless, but
    today I ran across you! I love these videos! You are amazing! Thank you
    sooo much!

  • uppiesbeads59 3 years ago

    YOU are just adorable! Nice to have you back!!

  • Wish ofpurple 3 years ago

    Love all your videos!

  • thatsitable1 3 years ago

    Sheri- LOVED this tutorial, I have curly hair and this is great for my
    work!! THANK YOU!!! Xo Lori

  • VivaLaStyle1 3 years ago

    Your hair color is very pretty. I appreciate your creativity and your hair
    style is lovely. You also give great instruction. Keep spreading the joy.
    Its a pleasure to watch you. Love from florida….xo Nicole

  • Donna Mungo 3 years ago

    Love the style! xo!

  • Audra Bartholomew 3 years ago

    That is cute – do you straighten your hair? I enjoy your hair tutorials

  • Tracers Coupon Affair 3 years ago

    Beautiful as always!

  • Pamela Lopez 3 years ago

    I need that powder now that there is a Coupon for it. My hair is thin like

  • thebarbiewithmuscle 3 years ago

    LOL, do you have any idea how much I’ve missed your videos? Love the crazy
    messy bun… I am bored with my hair. It has now grown to midback, just
    purely because I haven’t found a good hairdresser for layering, gonna try
    this one:)