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A natural makeup look begins with a clean, moisturized face followed by a foundation of the correct tone and finish for your skin and a concealer that matche…


Natural Makeup


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  • GurldeTRINI 4 years ago

    What brand of brush is that?????/

  • Josie Dilts 4 years ago

    The FIT ME foundation is a HOLY FAIL it is very thin, doesn’t stay on well and is super oily and greasy! I suggest not purchasing that product!

  • RaquelBlueee 4 years ago


  • Vika shikka 4 years ago


  • sydneyharris68 4 years ago

    I love natural makeup.

  • tanyamanning777 4 years ago

    I hardly use my foundation. Maybe I should use it to look natural everywhere I go.

  • tanyamanning777 4 years ago

    Natural makeup is fabulous for ceremonies,weddings,and parties. I like natural makeup 50% and I like Kim Kardashian makeup 50%.

  • sydneyharris68 4 years ago

    Sometimes I like natural makeup and sometimes I like a Kim Kardashian makeup look.

  • Berryblondelani 4 years ago

    Gosh this is so cute ! If anyone is interested in makeup tutorials, please checkout my channel!

  • Yaneth Maldonado 4 years ago

    the models makeup doesn’t match hey skin it look d

  • Kyle Muir 4 years ago

    one of the vidieos you put it on the back of your hand wich one

  • hiilikecats13 4 years ago

    i don’ t think she should have covered her freckles, they were so pretty…

  • Liza RajÅ¡p 4 years ago

    the model is prettier without the makeup..

  • fangisnotmyname 4 years ago

    Finally! a model without perfect skin!

  • Brooke Jackson 4 years ago

    up close the model looks like lindsay lohan

  • taylorandjada11 4 years ago


  • Helen Crowley 4 years ago

    thanks my makeup has been looking better ever since

  • lillybet1 4 years ago

    Did you read my comment? I was saying I’d got past my dislike of my own freckles after years of other people telling me they were beautiful, and I was wondering why all of a sudden, others seemed to dislike them so much. And of course I care what other people think. Most people do on some level. It’s all about how much you care about it though. I’ve stopped caring as much. And maybe people have insecurities because strangers call them weak and insult them for no good reason.

  • Isabelleparish 4 years ago

    You’re weak if you care that much of what other people think. I feel sorry for you, no that’s not true. But I guess you carry enough self pity.

  • lillybet1 4 years ago

    When did freckles become pesky and something to cover up? I used to hate my freckles and spent so much time stressing about how I could cover them up. It’s taken years for me to accept the fact that they’re a part of me and I love them now…. just in time to see makeup professionals and gurus say that they should be covered.

  • 1234kwami1234 4 years ago

    dont u have ethnic models aswell just saying

  • SignatureSeries 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comment! We’re glad you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe for more makeup goodness!

  • Maryblack90 4 years ago

    thanks for the very useful tips! amazing video:)

  • oFribble 4 years ago

    great for people with clear skin. what if you got acne? this is only for the lucky ones.

  • Baileyz30 4 years ago

    wow this was very helpful! My husband just told me that men really don’t like women that wear too much make up and that he thought I didn’t need it. Figured a good compromise would be to learn how to wear it and make it natural looking. Thank you!

  • SignatureSeries 4 years ago

    Great to hear that you enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing your tip! Keep checking back for more – we’ve got plenty on the way!