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  • Debbie stewart 4 years ago

    May I ask what is mineral powder? 

  • nancyann78 4 years ago

    @nicki elle dit de mélanger une poudre libre avec de la crème hydratante. 

  • Mia dubb 4 years ago

    Could yoy explain the organic version with the oils and powders? 

  • noblesgirlcuttlefish 4 years ago

    Awesome!!! I would love to not have to buy foundation! It can be so
    expensive, I would definitely rather use kitchen ingredients that I can buy
    in bulk it will end up saving me so much money that way!

  • nicki kamli 4 years ago

    what ingrediants was plz couldn’tt understand lot coz i’m french
    thank you 

  • Lavon Silveira 4 years ago

    Does it make your face oily? Can you use oil free lotion?

  • Karissa Odom 4 years ago

    What do you mean by moisturizer like lotion