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  • aloma alber 4 years ago

    the maybelline brow with a mascara type applicator rocks, esp for redheads
    and very pale blondes, this model is not really that blonde or pale. also
    some might benefit from as all are peach based
    cosmetics and for pale brows. 

  • Sara SilentSoul 4 years ago

    Can’t you save her eyebrows? Dear god.

  • Sarah Kinner 4 years ago

    should be pink lips not peach, cool not warm

  • Sarah Kinner 4 years ago

    shes using gold? with ash hair, that’s cool, she should be using cool
    colors not warm. Sorry but Ive been a celebrity artist for 30 years and
    most “artist are not trained properly.

  • Irinä A 4 years ago

    I am the only one here who thinks that the MUA ruined her lips area? I
    won’t disagree with the comments mentioning the hair colour stuff but i
    think what looks worse here is the lips application..she looks like she’s
    been punched or something . Nice application on eyes though .

  • Krista Ziobrowski 4 years ago

    This model is not blonde. Her hair is light brown. You also used a beige
    concealer, She is obviously not fair either. Your make-up was nice, but
    she was not a model example for the title of the video. 

  • Celina Ansel 4 years ago

    She is not blond !!!!! Im from Denmark i have blond hair!!

  • Jasmine G. 4 years ago

    The lady getting the makeup put on her looks so unhappy .. I feel like she
    needs a hug r something lol :/

  • stagedivezhighfivez 4 years ago

    this is terrible omg