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Hello everyone! This is How to makeup tutorial for black women beginners wit easy steps . I HOPE YOU ENJOY. PLEASE RATE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE.

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  • Michelle Howard-Smith 2 years ago

    Nice and simple. Your brows look perfect. I starting using the Smart Brow a
    few months ago. It’s tough getting used to but now that I figured it out,
    it works well. :-) Stop biting those nails lol

  • Itsyour Gurrl 2 years ago

    The traditional brow does not start off lighter. The traditional ombré
    drawn on eyebrow starts of lighter. My eyebrows and everyone real eyebrows
    start and end the same throw out the whole brow it’s only some people who
    have the hairs in the beginning naturally flick upwards which I think is a
    mis conception for having “lighter” hairs in the beginning of the brow.
    That’s bullshit.

  • Ms1kimmy 2 years ago

    WOW!!!! Did you just say NOBODY’S eyebrows are black? You should see mine
    jet black I tell you.

  • Shrie Robinson 2 years ago

    I just start doing my brows. Sharee, you made this tutorial so easy. Thanks

  • brittney carroll 2 years ago

    this was so helpful!!!

  • Charity Iheke 2 years ago
  • wametria 2 years ago


  • Sophie Von Baphomet 2 years ago

    I use black :P 

  • Angelina Muellers 2 years ago

    You seem like you know what your doing, but I couldn’t watch because you
    smack throw the whole video. It drive me crazy

  • JujuLove7079 2 years ago

    This wasnt your full face just your eyebrows, but whatever nice video!

  • Nina Jones 2 years ago


  • Sicido Hussein 2 years ago

    subscribed :D 

  • AddictedBecause 2 years ago

    My eyebrows are thinning idk why

  • Katrina R 2 years ago

    love this!!!! Thank you for this video

  • grace george 2 years ago

    loool gr8 vid

  • Ana Janos 2 years ago
  • Teika Samuda 2 years ago

    perfection, thank you!

  • LDRTipsin7Mins 2 years ago

    OMG I always thought it was so much more complicated than this!!

  • Andrea Cooley 2 years ago

    Great tutorial, I also bite my nails too lol!

  • WitchDoctaTimmy 2 years ago

    Instructions not clear, poop ended up in washing machine. 

  • LeeAnn Brewer 2 years ago

    I’m just starting out in makeup, and i can’t do my eyebrows for the life of
    me lol.
    but this really helped me figure out what i was doing wrong and where i
    need to make adjustments, so thanks :) 

  • sonja I'msoblessed 2 years ago

    Good job..I have no brows to trace sooo you are Lucky!!!

  • Jade Cole 2 years ago

    You should’ve listed the products in the description, would’ve been

  • MissMetroStation 2 years ago

    I think my eyebrow pencil may be a bit too light for my brows. My technique
    is good…but my pencil is too light. 

  • rose92ful 2 years ago

    Thankk youu :) ))) 

  • Malorie Donovan 2 years ago

    Thanks, that was super easy to follow!

  • joy anderson 2 years ago

    Thank you for making the application appear so simple. I’m a senior
    sister, who has forgotten how to do my brows and I want to start doing them
    again. I will start practicing and let you know how well I

  • D Cofer 2 years ago

    Lovely personality and great job!

  • Shine Bright Like A Djimon 2 years ago

    Why can’t it be for all women

  • Mere Berchem 2 years ago

    my eyebrows are jet black! and I do use a black pencil for them

  • xoxoEmily N 2 years ago

    I just uploaded an eyebrow tutorial

  • Bedee Terry 2 years ago

    Love this very helpful and you are a beautiful woman (:

  • Keke Thomas 2 years ago

    Easy …nice 

  • Anna Chondol 2 years ago

    Eyebrows are fab! And you sound just like itsmyraerae

  • FernnandahCriloura 2 years ago

    You’re have so fun. I love it. 

  • Bella Williams 2 years ago

    It’s Not Correct To Say No Ones’s Eye Brows Are Jet Black. My Eye Brows And
    Hair Are Jet Black . And When I Use A Dark Brown Liner Or Whatever, It
    Never Looks Right Or Blends Correctly No Matter How Dark I Try Make It. So
    I Use Black And It Looks & Blends With My Brows Perfectly. 

  • Angela Burke 2 years ago

    Love it :) can I ask, what’s the highlighter? Is it a concealer or a
    lighter foundation? Thanks X

  • Omaida De Frias 2 years ago

    How to makeup tutorial for black women beginners …:

  • Shawn Parks 2 years ago

    great job!

  • Miss Bwann 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have a date tonight and
    definitely plan on using some of your makeup tips.

  • Daiquiana Meadors 2 years ago

    I thought I was getting an actual makeup tutorial. But whatever your
    eyebrows look good(:

  • Tanisha Bromfield 2 years ago

    love how u improvised using ur finger wen u didnt have any brush>>>thumbz

  • Keke Thomas 2 years ago

    Easy …nice 

  • Brittany German 2 years ago

    please next time don’t do a video while your sick!

  • Crystal James-Owens III 2 years ago

    New subbie! Great tutorial!

  • Shea Dionne 2 years ago

    Lawwwwddddd, this helped me so much!!