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Essie Button demonstrates the most effective way to backcomb, to give lasting volume to fine and thin hair. Get to grips with a variety of textured sprays to create the essential base for a…

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  • Kjersti V. 4 years ago

    The half up looks really good on you!

  • All about Pll 4 years ago

    This was so helpful!!

  • Holly Meow 4 years ago

    I like the It’s ok sign

  • Andrea Reed 4 years ago


  • Olesya Isupova 4 years ago

    love it!!!!!! it suites you a lot. big fan of Essie.

  • ethereal luna 4 years ago

    i like this! but i always backcomb the underneath strand of hair instead of
    on top….it looks tidier and saves you combing over it :) )

  • Cathenator17 4 years ago

    Hairstyle for a wedding coming up? Check!

  • Osha Ramadan 4 years ago

    Isn’t to much spray bad for your hair????

  • MsKellyGardner 4 years ago

    lovely! #daclip

  • BECKYDELICIOUS 4 years ago

    Just went out and bought all the products you used works great (:

  • Zahra Qamar 4 years ago

    I just cut my hair that short a couple days ago and this gave
    me a quick and easy hairstyle i’ll definitely use!
    Also, Essie is hilarious :D 

  • KissesNaomi 4 years ago

    Finally someone that knows how to back comb properly

  • ekyjones 4 years ago

    this was so helpful! <3

  • Kadaciee Strike 4 years ago

    AshleyMarieeGaming styled hair :3 

  • Prisha Bathia 4 years ago

    What curler is it ? xx

  • mathide christiansen 4 years ago

    Looks really great on you :)

  • Polly Kirkwood 4 years ago

    This is incredible!

  • Alex XD 4 years ago

    You have really lovely hair! 

  • LollyLovesBeauty 4 years ago

    I did not know you were on this channel too Estée! Lovely video! Your hair
    looks fab!

  • Zahra Ahmed 4 years ago

    Estee that suits u alot x
    Thanx soo much my hair is sooo thick so its really hard 2 backcomb it n
    make it stay in place 

  • Fiona Lee 4 years ago

    Thanks loved it this will help

  • Fiona Lee 4 years ago