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I hope this answers some questions about my messy straight hair! It’s SO easy! Would love to see your recreations on twitter or Instagram! TAG me @essiebutto…


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  • CharliMarieTV 3 years ago

    I cut my hair short recently and because it’s quite thick and slightly
    wavy, I literally don’t do anything to it and it looks messy haha. But the
    next time I feel like making an effort I’m definitely going to be following
    this tutorial! Thank you Estée. Your short hair is perfection!

  • Dani_NB 3 years ago

    Do you wash your hair everyday? And is the toni and guy spray for dark hair
    as well? Doesnt it leave white residue?

  • Claire Marshall 3 years ago

    I believe the term is: YAAAASSSsss!

  • KathleenLights 3 years ago

    Every time I watch your videos, I want to cut my hair!

  • collaredblouse 3 years ago

    i absolutely looooveeee the short messy hair on you!

  • joey doesn't share food 3 years ago

    But are you all about that bass?

  • UneFille 3 years ago

    I wish I could do my hair like this, but my hair is the exact opposite of
    yours: thick and curly. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you ;) 

  • emmaamazingemma 3 years ago

    Love your new shorter hair Essie it looks great on you! Makes me want to
    cut my hair but I’ve spent so long growing it! I also have a channel if
    anyone would like to check it out! :) xxx

  • TheBeckythfc 3 years ago

    I hate watching hair tutorials where everyone blow dries their hair and
    it’s basically straight and frizz free

  • Lily Keene 3 years ago


  • Rid97527 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who just really likes her voice? Ahaha as weird as that
    sounds, idkk you’re just fun & interesting to listen to & watch <3 xx

  • Kristina Martin 3 years ago

    does essie currently live in toronto ?

  • Hayley Williams 3 years ago

    UNDER 301 WHAT A DAY TO BE ALIVE! Haha love you girl!

  • essiebutton 3 years ago

    Finally got around to showing you my everyday hairstyle! Hope you found
    this useful! 

  • Eve Bennett 3 years ago

    Your hair is literally goals! I wish I had the guts to cut it all off aha

  • Twinkling Trees 3 years ago

    Sorry but this just looks like you rolled out of bed. Your hair looked much
    better straight before you messed it up. 

  • Alice Taylor 3 years ago

    I loooooove the messy hair look and I think it looks amazing but whenever I
    do it to myself I feel like I look too scruffy and brush it back to being

  • RUBBERSOULED6 3 years ago

    damn this makes me want short hair again. but my hair is really thick,
    coarse and frizzy so i dont know if i’m able to rock that haircut :”

  • MegaBeautyBesties 3 years ago

    First comment?!? Love you!

  • Jill Saiki 3 years ago

    you just always make my day <333

  • María Álvarez André 3 years ago

    My hair is long as f*ck, but here I am, watching this video. That’s what
    love for someone does. Estée, gurl, I just love ya.

  • Esther Teo 3 years ago

    I’m curious. Is the Toni & Guy rough texturiser the same as their sea salt
    spray? (or at least similar?) Annoyingly we don’t have the rough texturiser
    here. Mehhh.

  • Stacey Dx 3 years ago

    I have really loooooong hair and been wanting to get it cut short for
    years. Haven’t had the guts to just say those words to the hairdresser
    haha. Oh how I wish I had those guts

  • abigail ok 3 years ago

    i could listen to you talk about plastic bags and still never get bored 

  • PandalovesBTS keke 3 years ago

    My hair is about shoulder length so thu=is would be perfect, thanks Essie!

  • Kimberley Trueman 3 years ago

    I feel like you just showed these products because you were told to, not
    because you use them regularly to style your hair :( 

  • Finding Glamour 3 years ago

    Huge fan of your hair haha, great vid!
    I’m an aspiring makeup artist with a beauty channel. Just posted my fall
    morning routine, I would love for everyone to check it out and leave some

  • Madison Hunter 3 years ago

    Why even bother with washing your hair it looks the exact same 

  • Madeline Jeffers 3 years ago

    has anyone been able to find the toni and guy rough texturing spray in the
    us??? all i can find is a sea salt spray :( 

  • Lydia Kristianti 3 years ago

    Wow.. u used a lot of product and somuch effort to achieved messy hair.. 

  • Vanades 3 years ago

    Every time you say short hair I’m wondering what you’re talking about :-D .
    Short for me means something like a pixi-cut or barely covering the ears.
    Not a hair cut like yours which is more semi-long. Interesting how
    different people define things.

  • VLOGicted 3 years ago

    Does anyone know if she uses hair dye or is it her natural colour? If its
    dyed what hair dye does she use? Her hair is amazing! +essiebutton