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Visit Many of you have asked me to create tutorials for beginners, so I decided to create this easy to follow simply smokey eye…

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  • Nabiilabee 2 years ago

    love this style of filming xx

  • kiuri nails 2 years ago

    love this style of filming



  • zulmacontinental 2 years ago

    Wonderful video….very informative! Thanks for sharing your expertise!!
    Have a great day!

  • Soraya Parr 2 years ago

    Zukreat, You requested feedback on low self-esteem. In my opinion, I
    believe low self-esteem in my part of the world comes from so much media
    showing perfect women (plastic surgery, beautiful perfect bodies, gorgeous
    hair). Males view this on the tube and expect women of all ages to look
    this way. I have been a fitness instructor for 32 years. Youth and
    beauty are such surface things, but since the population is bombarded with
    these images, it is harder for the modest lady to meet these ‘so-called’
    standards. This is only my personal opinion.

  • tessy nonye 2 years ago

    I love this so much,big kisses.

  • Aero Star Makeup 2 years ago

    You are such an inspiration, your words of ‘every makeup artist was once an
    amateur’ really spoke to me and drove me to make my own videos, pls check
    me out if you ever get a chance, thank you, p.s. sub for a sub to anyone
    thats interested :) 

  • Zukreat 2 years ago

    YOu Can follow me recent posts on Instagram on

  • وصفات طبيعية و سريعة 2 years ago

    great job aid mubarak 

  • ankita mirajkar 2 years ago

    Can I suggest you something? Why don’t you introduce a little in the start
    were we can see you and then get to the tutorial. It would be more personal
    and friendly. 

  • Allkah Zaverie 2 years ago

    Excellent filming and tutorial! 

  • Ayesha Khan 2 years ago

    She does her eyeliner flick too high but still I love her makeup

  • The Art Of War 2 years ago

    Zukreat you really need to focus more on your style of filming and try to
    make it look more professional. Follow some very popular bloggers like
    Tanya Burr, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, to see how they do it. Just want
    to help you out. 

  • Sueellen SEK 2 years ago

    Why are your eyes brown in this video? They look blue in other videos?

  • melisa vlad 2 years ago

    you’re so beautiful and i love your videos <3<3<3

  • zanjabeel 2 years ago

    It would be nice if you showed your full face at the end so we can see how
    both eyes look together :) 


  • Chayene. 2 years ago

    this is so beautiful ♥ definitely gonna try this, tysm!

  • elizz 101 2 years ago

    V nice n detailed video +Zukreat ✌

  • I love this new style of filming Zukreat! I also liked that u added what we
    needed in the beginning i think that was a great touch! 

  • Benatural365days 2 years ago

    Upload a video on simple office going makeup for Indians. Love ur videos. 3

  • Pure Estrogen 2 years ago

    Your work is amazing. I love this. :) 

  • 94CakeCup 2 years ago

    you look arab but your accent sounds british…did you move?

  • Noof H 2 years ago

    love this style of filming n how it showed all the details but would have
    loved if you had zoomed out at the end to show how the final look looks

  • Kolsuma Begum 2 years ago

    I like this close up style of filming :) 

  • SERENITY_1979 2 years ago


  • Kristie Fry 2 years ago

    very helpful thank you…
    I your like me and love using all natural makeup you got to try younique..
    it is a great there r so many colors and shads .. and say good bye to the
    glue and the fake lashes. you should try younique moodstruk 3D fiber
    lashes no glue no mess just you and your lashes . Really with this awesome video and
    younique all natural make-up you could do so much with your face.

  • Adriana Bravo 2 years ago

    Beautiful! The only problem was the lighting. At the very beginning was
    fine but then it changed to yellow, and it was difficult to distinguish the
    eyeshadow’s colors. However I like this new way of filming, keep it up! :) 

  • beth estes 2 years ago

    I love this!

  • Marriam Irfan 2 years ago

    I loved this video and a very very very happy eid mubarak to u and ur
    Keep remember me in ur prayers 

  • Adella Castro 2 years ago

    That looks very nice ..

  • Maham Sohail 2 years ago

    I love your makeup its just so so so amazing i live in pakistan and here
    youtube is block so the vedios are unable to load i have seen your makeup
    on facebook and instagram but where can i see full vedios of your makeup
    turitorials other then youtube :) 

  • Benatural365days 2 years ago

    Its a request from my side dear. Love n Hugs

  • بتول ام مهدي 2 years ago

    مره روووعه انتي كذا

  • Fida Taz 2 years ago

    You were at bayswater at first day of eid right? Because its either that I
    saw you or someone that looks exactly like you

  • ZINEB Hmz 2 years ago

    Love the way you filmed keep up thnx for the tips 

  • amounatunsia 2 years ago

    Nice style of filming. And every thing was clear…thks for your videos ! ☆

  • Neferkare Walker 2 years ago

    I loved your style of filming and your straight forward steps to apply
    eyeshadow..this is by far the best video I’ve seen for beginners applying
    eyeshadow. thx i really reallllllly loved it ;) 

  • Sameena Arr 2 years ago

    The glitter looks soooo pretty! Deffo attempting this and love the filming
    style xx

  • tahmina khat 2 years ago

    Thanks Zukreat, this was really useful. Hope to see more videos from you.
    Eid Mubarak!