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As we know by the name of straightening means straight hair. straightening is a process to make your hair straight. In other words make your hair curl free &…

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  • Tejal Lunkad 3 years ago

    I hv done permanent straightening 2 days prior .. bt my hair is lukng dry n
    are flattened on center of d head …wht shld I do 2 make it bounce …

  • anand builders 3 years ago

    I have straightened my hair using this process. since i have very curly
    hair, i got straight hair but not pin poin straight and hair is bushy. can
    i do the chemical straightening 2 nd time after one week or ten days…
    plssss reply

  • ashvini A 3 years ago

    Hi. Thanks a lot. Have another doubt.
    After applying these creams , 3rd day I have to wash with shampoo right????
    And I have brought wellastrate fashion straightener strong cream. And I
    have very curly hair. Can I do with this cream?
    Also Pls suggest me any good shampoo to use. 

  • prateek chawla 3 years ago

    Which straightening Cream u would recommend?

  • ashvini A 3 years ago

    pls tell me Whether rinsing with shampoo is required for both process that
    is after applying straightening nd neutralizing cream. also pls suggest
    after hair straighteing can i use dove shampoo and conditioner. 

  • April Rose Solano 3 years ago

    whats the different between perm and straightening?

  • Adinda Safira 3 years ago

    Hey!is it possible if i rebond my hair without blow dryer?thx:)

  • seema behera 3 years ago

    Pls help me aftr straightng process which sampoo n conditioner is use for
    usual wash hair …pls tell me

  • Sujaya Hegde 3 years ago

    Hi once again
    which shampoo to use while washing the straightening cream?

  • Sandra Casagrande 3 years ago

    is this Japanese straightening?

  • arshbhullarcreations 3 years ago

    Which neutralizer Cream u would recommend?

  • seema behera 3 years ago

    After straightning process which sampoo n conditioner is best for usually
    wash pls tell me…….

  • nourbus 3 years ago

    Hi, I did the perm and it didn’t remove the curls to 100%. When can I
    repeat it again and what did I do wrong? Thx

  • Love Joaquin 3 years ago

    It’s called a perm

  • Sujaya Hegde 3 years ago

    hi induAnand, i tried berina, wellastraight.Dreameron.but i have never
    got the proper result though i follow the same procedure, hair looks
    straight when it is wet but after dries it looks the same as it was. what
    will be the reason? pl guide me.

  • seema behera 3 years ago

    Pls tel me aftr the straightning process …which shampoo n conditioner is
    use for usual wash …pls tell me

  • sana ch 3 years ago

    ur doing great

  • armaan476 3 years ago

    v also hv a temporary hair straightenin cream?…which last fr a day or 2?

  • Kat Marie 3 years ago

    Really? This girl doesn’t have curly hair to begin with.

  • Shaista Saghir 3 years ago


  • Mercy Angel 3 years ago

    Your video is the most easiest n simple way to learn hair straightening..

  • sonali singh 3 years ago

    was it a curly hair ? i dnt thnk so

  • Xochitl Najera 3 years ago

    How did it cost

  • Sujaya Hegde 3 years ago

    Thanx for your reply.i’ll try once again………

  • David Huha 3 years ago

    Yup, her hair isn’t curly to begin with. My hair is curly like Afro, a
    bushes, then when I did it by myself using the strong alkaline cream then
    using the neutraliser cream, and then using the ceramic iron, my hair
    become less curly like now. But it’s still curly a bit and I wonder why.
    It’s kind of not permanent even I’ve used all of the steps in the video. I
    want a straight, and soft hair. But what I get is a wavy hair and not soft
    at all. 

  • Rocky the stylish chap 3 years ago

    hi induanand1
    i have a question.
    i use streax hair straightening cream .
    and do the same procedure on the subject(customer or friend).
    the hairs do get straightened up but till they are wet .
    after they dry up naturally , the waves starts to show up and to make them
    straight while they are dry i have to use straightening iron.
    is there a way i can make the hairs stay straight after they dry up without
    using the iron.
    if i dont use iron after they get dry after the removal of cream and all ,
    they tend to be curly or wavy , please , i am waiting for your reply :) 

  • Shaista Saghir 3 years ago

    After having this process,can we wash hair daily?what precautions should
    for 6 months to have hair strait?

  • Shreya bhattacharya 3 years ago

    i have panasonic strghtner…and i have wellastrate cream and
    netilizer…is it a good product??pls rply…and can u say me how much
    amount i have to use for that

  • Mel Stevens 3 years ago

    I recommend using the karmin titanium

  • induAnand1 3 years ago

    you can do that but you should get this treatment from a professional.

  • Mostafa Tawfik 3 years ago

    Could you give me a link where to buy these? P.S i live in Sweden

  • diamondfire90 3 years ago

    She should really be using gloves.