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This is part 1 of how to straighten curly, frizzy, thick, poofy, unruly hair! I show step by step how to blow dry your hair straight before flat ironing. Do …

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  • Dainty 4 years ago

    your 29? did i hear properly?!!! omg you look freakin 16

  • gui20021997 4 years ago

    you are so cute omg

  • Jordan Rene 4 years ago

    why do you talk with your mouth shut alot? do you have lock jaw or something?

  • skanivets 4 years ago

    lol of course its not if you’ve ever straightened your hair before is comes out after every shower

  • Harley Tucker 4 years ago

    I have frizzy big dry hair

  • Kyla John 4 years ago

    You look young

  • priscilla juvera 4 years ago

    It looks very pretty and also natural cx

  • Keelan Johnson 4 years ago

    Do you HAVE to use a round brush?

  • Rose Gualdad 4 years ago

    its permanent straight hair or not???

  • Rahmah Ibrahim 4 years ago

    She looks like to Pretty Little Liars, stars: Hanna Marin And Allison deleurentis. Aka, Ashley benson And Sasha Petteirs. (Don’t know if I spelled it right, or not)

  • supm0rgan 4 years ago

    I have the same exact hair and I’m in 9th grade trying to control this thing on my head haha. Every video I look up has tutorials for handling straight thin hair, so it never helps :( but this one did thank you! i need to learn how to do this myself instead of depending on salons for perfect blown out hair!

  • TheFelineNinja 4 years ago

    It actually looks very voluminous and stuff at the end! :D I really like it!

  • TheFelineNinja 4 years ago

    Most people with curly or strongly wavy hair must blow dry the curl out or using a flat iron would not work very well.

  • iwaffles12 4 years ago

    heh… i just straighten it with an iron. no secrets…

  • MsSpark111 4 years ago

    Hi! I am a new subscriber and loving ur vids! My hair texture is quite like yours! Just darker! You are really very pretty! :) BTW.. which brand paddle brush are u using in this video? It finishes the blowdry look pretty well. Thanks! awaiting ur reply :)

  • Lischele Smith 4 years ago

    You look 15

  • Melanie M 4 years ago

    My hair is JUST LIKE YOURS!!

  • Jasmine Rosa 4 years ago

    You look 16 or 15

  • karen keefer 4 years ago

    u look like billy piper who is a beautiful actress

  • Mimi Castilla 4 years ago

    Finally, a youtube guru with the same hair type as me!

  • Jamie Kane 4 years ago

    please somebody tell me whats the song

  • bahja huhuh 4 years ago

    her hair really doesnt look frizzy to me its just wet in the beginning

  • dont do vids, just keep it for my e-mail 4 years ago

    please help me i have poofy hair and i want to know whats a good product to make if less frizzy and poofy

  • Christina Guluzian 4 years ago

    no offense but it looks really frizzy and fake :/

  • BlueZelda868 4 years ago

    Sorry about the spelling im really bad at typing with my ipod

  • BlueZelda868 4 years ago

    Do you do this everyday?? I have REALLY curly hair and when i straighten my hair it tajes an hour. How much tine does it take you? I don’t want to get the Japanese or brazilian thing because my family loves my curly hair so i keep it curly in the summer and on the weekends and breaks. I think your video really helped though thanks! Btw your really pretty!

  • MissGPprincess 4 years ago

    Well, 18!!!!

  • MissGPprincess 4 years ago

    29?! You look about 20!!!!

  • Bekah Bryant 4 years ago

    You’re 29? What?!?! I thought you were like 17. Lucky!

  • Mel Stevens 4 years ago

    looks pretty simple! I’m going to go plug my karmin g3 hair dryer… thanks!

  • Meg Bond 4 years ago

    I’m white and I have an Afro thank you so much

  • sachaseunarine 4 years ago

    Matrix stuff is really expensive where I live but it makes my hair so soft

  • Rhiannon Clarkson 4 years ago

    You are joking me!? You look about 17! WOW!

  • Dean Meares 4 years ago

    29 :O u look around 19 :O

  • HappyGo Lucky 4 years ago

    Firtstly, you don’t look 29 at all, you look very cute and very young :) Great video, very well explained. I can see that you are very much inclined towards natural hair care products, so am I. Also the way you section your hair, I do too the same way :)

  • guy112ex 4 years ago

    It may be just me but you look beautiful with your curly hair even better than when it’s straightened :D

  • d1alia 4 years ago

    What the… The music was random and kinda took ages… Maybe next video get straight to the point other wise you kinda lose people’s interest :-/

  • XxAngelOfTheFallenxX 4 years ago

    thanks for this, i have way thick and curly hair, it takes 2 hours to do -.- BTW what hair dye do you use, or that’s is your natural hair color? what color is it, i want to dye my hair.

  • elenfinney61 4 years ago

    If you straighyen your hair a little wt it falls out later

  • Zoe Corrigall 4 years ago

    please can you list the products you got and where I can find them please!!

  • Celines Estevez 4 years ago

    your soo pretty ! omgg