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How to straighten curly, wavy frizzy hair with a flat iron, hair straighteners.

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  • Jennifer Marie 4 years ago

    That hair straightener doesnt work at all, but this vid is 5 years old.

  • sugarspices30 4 years ago

    Nice hair colour!

  • maryam65650 4 years ago

    Her hair is already straight aaaahhhhhh

  • rmnlovesyou 4 years ago

    …there is nothing straight about her hair.

  • Amanda Shepherd 4 years ago

    wow … not everybody has pin straight hair to begin with! how about for the people who have super wavy,or curly hair? you dont even need to straighten your hair!

  • soeluvsu08 4 years ago

    save $10 from folica for ANY product! >< i bought this sedu straightener from there and i love it!

    go on my channel in the comment section i posted a link!

  • lilifishy 4 years ago

    That’s Nice. :P

  • AerovexSystems 4 years ago

    Get the straight facts along with lovely, smooth hair! Without the proper ventilation cosmetologists may be over exposed to excessive levels of formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde, so they should invest in an efficient ventilation system. A “Chemical Source Capture System” removes these potentially harmful vapors from the breathing zone of both the stylist and client. Search “Chemical Source Capture System”, “Hair Smoothing Controversy” or “Preferred BKT Ventilation” for additional information.

  • AJ Punk 4 years ago

    Really? Humanity these days…

  • SheilaBeela87 4 years ago

    Wow the description says “how to straighten curly, wavy frizzy hair” WTF?! How about actually doing the video with someone that has “curly, wavy frizzy hair”

  • Louboutinify 4 years ago

    w w w . chionlinesale . c o m
    Every women loves beautiful,so, they try every possible thing to keep themselves looking beautiful

  • Lorena Petric 4 years ago

    Nope.No difference.

  • Victor Motta 4 years ago

    go to 0:13
    now go to 1:13 at the end
    can anyone tell whats THE FREKIN DIFFERENCE?

  • Tori Mac 4 years ago

    She should’ve done someone elses hair & it shouldve been probably curly . , and why do you straighten it, if it’s already straight? Lol, just curious .

  • gianna x. 4 years ago

    what the fuck.
    Your hair is the same from beginning to end, your ends aren’t even straight
    On the other hand, you are a great scammer -.-

  • honeymcentire12 4 years ago

    some ppl dont have your type of hair and second your hair is already straight sooo umm ….. that doesnt count at all sorry !!!

  • jaayForever 4 years ago

    this video sucks & isnt helpful hahah..everyone check out my channel to learn how to really straighten curly/thick hair!(:

  • KateW6598 4 years ago

    theres no point in straightening it if its already straight..

  • JasmineNicoleFlores 4 years ago

    Are you serious….

  • madebyglitZ 4 years ago

    check out my straightening tutorial for legit straightening………

  • TheCarolineVlogs 4 years ago

    Check out my hair straightening tutorial using a Titanium straightener!

  • Bratzloverfashion000 4 years ago

    I take that harsh

  • memememetry 4 years ago

    we already know how to straighten hair, we just wanna know how to get it STRAIGHTER!

  • lilifishy 4 years ago

    It can still ruin her hair So yo ubetter check what you writing before saying anything. You probably don’t even have any hair. :P

  • AJ Punk 4 years ago

    Because it’s just a fucking demonstration! It’s not a review on how good the straighteners are.

  • AJ Punk 4 years ago

    She just showing how you do it. She doesn’t actually have to straighten her hair to show other hows to.

    Ugh I hate the human race.

  • ShaylaEnjoysStripes 4 years ago

    The lady said ‘Run a SECOND pass for a more HEADLTHIER shine.’
    Aha , that a complete lie,.
    Should’ve said “Run a second pass to give hair a fried dead look”

  • Alyssa Brooks 4 years ago

    Haha, This made me laugh.

  • Kaylee Morterud 4 years ago

    short clip,easy and simple!:)

  • Dayna A 4 years ago

    fwy your not sopposed to straighten straight hair…..ummm yea

  • yblate1 4 years ago

    You are seriously retarded.

  • milerunner1998 4 years ago

    Uuhhh, did you forget to turn it on…?

  • emilysoccer7 4 years ago

    This is STUPID!!!

  • lilifishy 4 years ago

    Well, It’s ruining her hair. :P

  • Zoya Qazi 4 years ago

    Wait.. what is she doing with a high-class straightener?
    Her hair is.. straight.

  • Babbyblue12398 4 years ago

    Her hair looks so cute.! She looks so pretty, and i mean i didn’t think that hair like that could get that straigh.

  • epicSCENEbiitch 4 years ago


    LMAO. It isnt especially becaue her hands placed so close to the iron part which would burn her hand to where she would drop it or say “ow!” . Trust me I would know. lol (: Good Point.

  • ayeeitsdayna 4 years ago

    bitch your ugly stfu -.-

  • Konaets 4 years ago

    At least you know your not gay. x