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Comment down below with what your hair texture is like and if you want a video on my favorite deep conditioners =) curly hair routine We’re on instagram! Sen…


Thin Hair


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  • Jennifer Crisler 3 years ago

    my hair is super curly. it is more curly than Andrea’s or her sister’s
    hair. Plus, i don’t know about anyone else, but i can only wear 2 styles
    because my hair is so curly and frizzy: all the way down or all the way up.
    Can someone please help?! i need more hair styles!

  • Charlotte Donovan 3 years ago

    what would people recommend for moisturising you hair and keeping the curls
    nice instead of going really frizzy? my hair is naturally curly but it gets
    really dry especially at the ends, are there any methods and products
    people recommend?

  • Autumn Zerose 3 years ago

    Curly Hair here as well btw you two are soo pretty (:

  • Tasnia Khan 3 years ago

    how can somoene be so beautiful <3

  • Valeria Munoz 3 years ago

    I need help because my hair is so curly that they take shape of curly fries
    and they scrunch up and become so frizzy .I don’t know anyone else who has
    my type of hair! Can someone please help?

  • Diamond Forever 3 years ago

    Can it be any Diffuser?please answer

  • bowsandbeautyxoxo 3 years ago

    afro-textured hairxxx

  • Ann Ononomouse 3 years ago

    I have wavy/curly hair and it’s curlier some days than others. I need more
    ideas what to do with it!!

  • Andie R 3 years ago

    I do the same routine and my hair is long and curly like that. On top of
    that my name is actually Andrea!!!! ^_^ love your hair 

  • Samantha Rosenthal 3 years ago

    i have super curly hair and it gets so frizzy

  • lilyflower3114 3 years ago

    I have curly hair like yours :3

  • at7229 3 years ago

    can you do a video on how to maintain curls overnight?

  • Tori Samson 3 years ago

    i have so many curls

  • Rorrieness 3 years ago

    This really really helps me. I have hair JUST LIKE YOU, and it’s sorta
    difficult sometimes to style since you can’t brush it once it dries. :) But
    I do find my hair to look best if i brush it straight out of the shower
    then let it air dry, then once it is dry I shake my head around and mess
    with my hair a bit till it looks cute. Sometimes I wish I had natural
    straight hair.. but the amount of compliments I end up getting are insane!

  • Ithalia Jones 3 years ago

    My hair is extremely curly. I think it’s because my mom is mixed so her
    hair was combined curly with wavy. And my dad’s hair is afro like so I have
    extremely thick curly / wavy weird hair so my hair is hard to tame. When
    it’s dry it usually turns into like a 70′s afro WHICH I WISH NEVER HAPPENS.

  • CreativityIsUnique 3 years ago

    I have curly hair

  • Kirsten Copley 3 years ago


  • Carmela D'Agostino 3 years ago

    I have curly, thick, long-ish hair. haha my friends who have straight hair
    said that my curls are like my super power. it’s a blessing and a curse…
    but I wouldn’t ever want to change it. :3

  • Priscilla Fletes 3 years ago

    Curly as yours

  • Samantha Rosenthal 3 years ago

    i have super curly hair and it gets so frizzy

  • Morgan Ives 3 years ago

    wavy/curly but really thick

  • cliford the big black motherfucker 3 years ago

    My hair sucks. I got curly curly hair on the top half of my scalp and the
    bottom half is like almost straight. It looks dreadful . So I guess my hair
    is wavy??? 50% curly 50% wavy 100% frizzy

  • Sophia Espinosa 3 years ago

    My hair is pretty much the EXACT same as yours but mine is shorter so it
    goes outwards horizontally more. I am going to look forward to using this
    technique and I have heard lots of things about diffusers, that they work
    perfectly or they don’t do anything. I always wear my hair in a ponytail
    because I don’t think my hair looks good down, lol. I can’t wait to try
    both techniques :3

  • BreAnn Wickett 3 years ago


  • chiara guerriero 3 years ago

    I used to have really curly hair but its so damaged ( Heat, coloring) that
    it doesn’t curl anymore its just slightely wavy and insanely frizzy!! I
    already cut it off to schoulder length but do You have any tips?:(

  • Alina Novak 3 years ago

    thanks so much

  • Jessika Hobbs 3 years ago

    I have curly hair but its like an afro and I’m not black

  • nicole mch 3 years ago

    i have hair JUST like yours <3 but a bit shorter

  • Rhea desai 3 years ago

    Super duper curly hair 

  • luci briggs 3 years ago

    I have big puffy curly hair but I don’t know how to style it you can see my
    hair at my Facebook lowkeyy luci and Instagram lovelyluci_3 my hair is
    difficult lol :) 

  • Rachel Page 3 years ago

    oh my days i love you guys. i have almost the exact same hair as you. i
    love this video. have subscribed! xxx

  • Tanisq 3 years ago

    So pretty

  • Branisha Smiles 3 years ago

    Curly hair buh I used to straighten it a lot buh now I leave it curly more

  • amasonart 3 years ago

    You two are gorgeous twins and I love your video style, your animated
    expressions, and your techniques thank u! 

  • Rylee Gonzales 3 years ago

    Curly.SUPER curly

  • Jai M 3 years ago