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Hi! I’m Jadah, actress and model. I’m known in the industry for my trademark crazy hair and I thought I’d share with you guys how to get it. This video is fo…


For All


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  • arabel rodriguez 4 years ago

    Call you please tell us the names of the products cause I could barley see them in the video

  • DinoSoursGoRawrrx3 4 years ago

    your hair is gorgeous. i wish my natural curly hair looked like that

  • Alessandra Claire 4 years ago

    is that her natural hair colour?

  • chevy keles 4 years ago

    hai i want my hair just like yours but in suriname we dont have all product that you put on your hair

  • mimi j 4 years ago

    are your eyes naturally blue? either way its beautiful on you :)

  • DVONNA 4 years ago

    omfg. you like marina.
    i like you.
    you cute. 

  • mariajadee 4 years ago

    geeeeez i love that hair color !

  • superaweosome91 4 years ago

    more importantly. what haircut do you get and how to you part your hair?
    my hair is just like yours, just not as much volume.

  • ariellekreuz 4 years ago

    your so peppy!

  • Милла Стюарт 4 years ago

    Я русская!

    И я хочу такой цвет волос!

  • Irene Volpa 4 years ago

    You’re lovely.
    And the tutorial was helpful. :)
    Wish you luck! ;D keep up the work!

  • Beautychoopi97 4 years ago

    your voice :( (

  • Alexis Jensen 4 years ago

    Do you have naturally straight hair?


  • Liliiii001 4 years ago

    Hey I’m new to you tube but I love making beauty videos! Please check out my channel and watch my videos! It’d be nice for the support and help, thank you! :)

  • FashionDesignerlove 4 years ago

    You’re both wrong. Jadah looks like Jadah. Andrea’s Choice looks like Andrea’s Choice. Beauty Crush looks like Beauty Crush. If they were meant to look like each other, they would have been sisters which their not.

  • cupcake18611 4 years ago

    umm am i the only person who thinks her voice is kinda umm… Adorable eventhough shes probally way older then me

  • Tabby .S 4 years ago

    no way she looks more like beauty crush than andreas choice o.O

  • Tabby .S 4 years ago

    you kinda look like rita ora!

  • Haley Manion 4 years ago


  • Haley Manion 4 years ago

    I automatically love you because of the Marina and the Diamonds.

  • Leah Jones 4 years ago

    O M L ♥ You are so perfect >>>

  • atractivopomodoro 4 years ago

    ommmg everything about you is so cute<3 i love your skin tone<3

  • Alysia Bryant 4 years ago

    Girl You Are So ADORABLE….. I Can’t Even :D D

  • YazziiYaazz96 4 years ago

    Can you do a video on how you straighten your hair?

  • ingrid olmos 4 years ago

    woow i love your hair!!!! do you sleep with your hair tied up? (first part)

  • XxPromiseYourselfxX 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful, inside and out! :D

  • AsianZingg 4 years ago

    I’m trying this tonight

  • dain Pulcher 4 years ago

    you sound like frenchy from grease so cute!!!!

  • Jasmine Love 4 years ago

    this if my first video of yours. I love your voice

  • Kingnavarrete9811 4 years ago

    Get this available on mobile pls

  • dana22396 4 years ago

    i thought you were rita ora

  • Leslie Hernandez 4 years ago

    ” you know what I’m gonna tell em ! ” ADORABLE!!!!

  • Joelene Reyes 4 years ago

    you look like Rita Ora

  • Chayenne Ziegler 4 years ago

    you voice *_*

  • GabrielaaSmiles 4 years ago

    My curls are just like yours but thicker :) Also biracial!

  • KiDCUDiBaaBY 4 years ago

    you are too cute :P

  • perttybeta 4 years ago

    I love your taste in music.

  • Jackie Sanchez 4 years ago

    you kind of look like Demi Lovato !! goregous xx.

  • sydney love 4 years ago

    I LOVE your hair lol
    subscribe to my channel

  • fadila rock 4 years ago


  • fatimah tucker 4 years ago

    i dd not expect your voice to sound like that! lol, its soo cute & you are Rita Ora’s twin! if you don’t know who she is, look her up on Google. you guys look JUST ALIKE

  • Brittani Karnish 4 years ago

    I’m bi-racial too but my curls are tighter and not as volumous but I still love my hair though lol…everyone is different.

  • rashunda76rb 4 years ago

    you are soo pretty

  • MonaLickiLum 4 years ago

    I love ur soft voice :D

  • leia3772 4 years ago

    thanks SO much im biracial too and i have had to learn through trial and error how to deal with my natural curls, and your video was great. i use the last method all the time when im lazy and tryin not to use heat, plus going without heat IS SOOOO HARD! lol thanks again =D

  • Bailey Clayton 4 years ago

    I love you voice

  • Sofia Gutierrez 4 years ago

    i was thinking the EXACT SAME THING!

  • Katie Berch 4 years ago