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Thought I would create a video showing just how versatile really short hair can be! These styles were all done in one sitting, with no curling irons, straigh…


Hair Color


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  • qhaireen1 4 years ago

    My mom just cut my hair really short… I don`t like this hair… But when
    I watch your video… I felt much better.. Thank you so much..

  • Tracy Chester 4 years ago

    I love this !!!!!!! And I love the music while yer styling yer hair.
    Getting my hair chopped next wk. and I want yer hair !!
    Love the forward look alot !

  • funkylady101 4 years ago

    Finally someone to show me the way. I chopped my hair after having my kid
    and my husband does not like it. I’m a brunette and it always looks so
    blah. I love your hair color. I just had my hair cut and it does not look
    like it. I haven’t found a good hair dresser. I am tired of trying to grow
    it out because I look like I just got out of bed, even if I do my hair.
    This video has so many options!! It seems that mouse is the key! Thank you
    for the tutorial.

  • Karly Wong 4 years ago

    Steff!! Question do you have instagram?
    Is cause well i want to have more short hairstyle ideas cause i have short
    hair and as mine is not so straight and also i am letting it grow…. it
    has been driving me insane cause i cant manage it anymore TwT

  • mona123279 4 years ago

    Het steffiee rm me?! xD just asking to you skype? Just say yes or no then
    if u do I will till u my skype and you add me cuz I don’t want peaple know
    your skype from this comment anyway :) do you have Skype? Yes of no :) ) plz

  • LilKeyzColombianita 4 years ago

    Wow I love your hair!!!

  • Grace Lim 4 years ago

    Really love this video!! Recently got my really long locks chopped off but
    now it’s an uneven bob and the styling makes me really irritated, your
    tutorial makes me wanna get ur hair style too!! Thanks for making this
    tutorial:D and the background music is so cheery ahahhaah

  • millenniumcris1988 4 years ago

    I had this haircut few years ago, but I hated it because I didn’t know how
    to style it XD
    I fell in love with this haircut again!! I’ll get it again, color included.
    Thank you so much for make this video! (sorry for my english)

  • reegan reid 4 years ago

    okay i have a haircut just like yours and now because of your video i have
    the cutest hair ever. before it just sat on my head and i only left it down
    or in a mohawk. but now i wear it styled and i get compliments on my hair
    at school. thanks soooooooo much, you are truly insperational. (sorry not a
    good speller.) :D 

  • Emily Richardson 4 years ago

    Believe it or not, I cut my hair this way after I watched this video. It
    was so inspiring and really opened my eyes to all the ways short hair can
    be played with. I love it!! 

  • Toni Smith 4 years ago

    This is fabulous!!

    Could you help a sister out and maybe do a step by step one?
    I’m hopeless when it comes to hair! It just sits on my head :(

    But thankyou for your time and effort :) 

  • Ashley Lopez 4 years ago

    my hair is literally down to my butt, and i seriously want to cut my hair
    like this <3

  • HometownDreamer 4 years ago

    Just got my hair cut in a pixie! love your video!

  • jenny mcdermott 4 years ago

    Did you have to change the song bc of copyright?

  • qhaireen1 4 years ago

    Nice… Thank you… 

  • atransitionallife 4 years ago

    Wasn’t this video uploaded a long time ago? 

  • Eilineva 4 years ago

    I love your hair, and your style!
    it’s inspire me to stle my own shaved pixie.
    Thank you so much (sorry for my English :O )

  • Tay videoblogs 4 years ago

    Hello Hey I want me to do that haircut I have 13 xD wanted to know if your
    you what you did or left to the hairdresser and as reply xD