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Short Hair


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  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    +Wanda Snowflakes- I’m sorry :( have you tried adding dry shampoo before

  • Gayle Cox 3 years ago

    Your to cute ,Im so going to try a comb like that

  • Marianne Jensen 3 years ago

    Tried to wash it twice pr. time you wash your hair? Maybe it make it
    cleaner. You wash with shampoo, (sprincle) the shampoo out with Water, and
    wash it Again, springle the shampoo out, so nothing will be left. A tip I
    got from other videos here on yt

  • Ashley King 3 years ago

    you totally look like that one woman from devious maids! so pretty :) 

  • Lachi Maye 3 years ago

    You possibly can regrow your hair in a natural way within 6 months, without
    pay lots of money for surgery & costly treatment

  • intheMOMentof2 3 years ago

    Finally someone with actual thin hair doing videos for thin hair! Lol Thank
    you please keep posting videos! I have dead straight and thin hair and
    usually by the 2nd day my hair is oily up on top so any tips are very
    helpful. Thank you!

  • Leila T 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I also have thin hair..kinda hard to style it because
    of not enough hair :( but thanks to your videos. I’ll try it

  • Zeynep şeremet 3 years ago

    I have thin hair too. God i struggle every fricken day

  • Layne Stanley 3 years ago

    I really struggle to do anything with my hair, its so thin and soft :( even
    my hairdresser struggles. My hair is thinner than yours

  • Summer Robinson 3 years ago

    What nail polishes are you wearing? Great tutorial, btw! ( : And I’m glad
    I’m not the only one who will let my hair go for like 3 days lol. I wait
    for it to get oily if I’m not going anywhere so less drying. lol.

  • Wanda Snowflakes 3 years ago

    You call that thin? My hair is so fine/thin, the first section I tease is
    already flat by the time I finish the second one :( 

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Backcombing will cause damage over time. This way will cause little damage
    compared to how you normally see people tease their hair, but it still
    isn’t HEALTHY for your hair. I would highly suggest using volumizing
    shampoos and conditioners as well as even a dry shampoo instead of teasing
    if you are very worried about damage. :) I hope this helps!

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    LOL Maybe one day?! Thank you sooo much! Such a sweet comment! :)

  • Ayesha Modi 3 years ago

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! OMG! You are just the best!

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    You’re welcome! I have more thin hair videos coming in the next two weeks :)

  • Nadia Stockwell 3 years ago

    I love this. I’m just worried my hair will end up brittle and break over
    time with backcombing and it will become thinner than ever. Will it cause

  • melqr89 3 years ago

    You deserve more likes & subscribers :)

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Oh, but I DO. :) It may not be as thin as yours, but it is definitely thin.
    It does look thicker here due to the dry shampoo. If for some reason you’d
    like to be convinced you can watch my old sock bun video where I show you
    exactly how thin my hair is. Xo-Britt

  • Olivia Flores 3 years ago

    This was what I was looking for… Thanks

  • marie 3 years ago

    You are so pretty ♥

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Yaaaayyy!! ;) YW!!

  • Ayesha Modi 3 years ago

    I love your eyebrows too btw :)

  • cecilia martinez 3 years ago

    Idk how I found your channel. But I’m so glad I did. Thank you!!! <33. Been
    subscribed for a few videos now. Deff one of my favorites!!!

  • epacz1 3 years ago

    how come you don’t have at least 50000 subscribers???? great tips, good
    quality videos and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Thank you!! :) )

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Thank you!! :) I’m glad you found it too!!

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Thank you!! :) Thank you for watching too!!

  • Malydia Turner 3 years ago

    You my friend DO NOT ..have thin hair.

  • 123supershelly 3 years ago

    Yeah!!!! I finally did it!!! Thanks for the tip!!!