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  • HoundKid 3 years ago

    To whoever says that good skin doesn’t need makeup , makeup isn’t to change
    the way you look , but to accentuate your features , to help you make the
    best of what you have . That’s everyday natural looking makeup anyway . Of
    course make up can be used to make you look like a totally different person

  • samantha mohammed 3 years ago

    hey she doesnt need make up at all she’s beautiful and has perfect skin

  • Christie Williams 3 years ago

    You are Beautiful

  • Yeasmina Ahmed 3 years ago

    Whr do u but ur primer

  • Hannah Wragg 3 years ago

    obvious spam is obvious.

  • manahi sharma 3 years ago

    i want to ask you about Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer, i have oily skin.
    it is goog for oily skin? thanks

  • SkinGenie 3 years ago

    You can get flawless skin withour foundation with Skin Genies Flawless
    Range at