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Halloween Makeup


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  • Danee Kaplan 2 years ago

    I am so thrilled that you are talking about Lanza. I used it for
    exclusively for over 20-25 years until maybe 7 years ago when it got to
    hard to find in my area. My old stylist used it and he was one of those
    over-thinker kind of people who loved their chemistry but hated their
    marketing. Once he stopped doing hair- he was a concert violinist as well
    but then decided to stop hair and playing and become a nurse- I had too
    much trouble getting it. I won the Lanza products from your Christmas
    giveaway and just got them the other day so I have yet to use them but
    cannot wait. 

  • hellocindee . 2 years ago

    My favorite color remover ever!!

  • PlatypusGuitar 2 years ago

    I’m not in beauty school or anything but I like to watch these videos for
    ideas as to what to do with my own hair and ways to explain what I want to
    my hairdresser

  • Claire Stratton 2 years ago

    22.29 I’m still laughing….brilliant Guy. 

  • miss mad 2 years ago

    absolutely love this! I see people on youtube comparing oil or dirt
    molecules to colour molecules and it really makes me sad. I don’t know why
    it’s like that, everyone thinks everything is so easy all the time. Really
    happy you put some education out there, because it’s BADLY needed! <3

  • einjely 2 years ago

    Truly a Hair God! I don’t know anything about levels and such but somehow,
    you managed to explain things so easy that it just clicked in my head.
    Thanks for helping us out, Guy!!!

  • Corrie Robinson 2 years ago

    Hello Guy!!!
    I love your videos! I have learned sooo much!! I am a part of the PM cult :) Anyway, I would love for you to make a video about removing fashion
    colors. I was trying to remove a blue/green number from someones hair and
    take her to a grey looking blonde. I used the Pravana color remover not
    understanding about the oxidative dye thing. It took five processes to get
    the majority out but it was still very apparent. We lightened her hair
    again and pulled out more, but that $#!% was not coming out. We toned her
    and she was okay with it because she loves me =) but I know that there has
    to be a better approach. I’ve only been behind the chair for a year so I am
    still learning and unfortunately the salon Im in does not have a color
    specialist :( But thank God you make youtube videos so I am on here
    religiously listening to you drop all this knowledge. Anyway…Please talk
    about that soon

  • Davina J 2 years ago

    You looked like a cartoon character with that dye on your face lol. 

  • Barbara 2 years ago

    But what will remove Elumen?? I can’t even get it out with bleach

  • Magical Bevanna 2 years ago

    You both look really handsome now! We have Colour Before in Britain, and it
    stinks! There’s sulphur in it as it reeks of rotten eggs. Dreadful stink,
    but does the job, we have a buffer in our set basically leave this skunk
    smell on for about 40 mins to an hour, rinse for 10 mins use the buffer
    lather it up rinse and repeat the buffer again
    It’s really effective. I used it on my Partner Kates hair, and it really
    worked, bringing her back to her natural reddy brown from black! You never
    said if any of the products you used smelled bad. The colour Before if you
    have below shoulder hair and it’s thick, best to buy 2. Theyre expensive
    too over here around £10-£13 a box.
    Thanks for the info

  • prossimamente 2 years ago

    Thanks for that video! I was waiting for it =) Question: So, you leave some
    natural orange pigment in to avoid the color to look too cold, and than you
    apply a blue based ashy tone, but when I do like that the result is sooo
    light depending, it looks good on medium light but it turns a bit orangy in
    the sun and green under evening artifitial light. I have to re-tone it
    about every shampoo, becose it is such a delicate ballance..
    I really want to try another strategy, that is bleaching a little bit
    higher, up to a yellow tone (no more orange) and than apply a grey based
    ashy tone without blu pigments. I tried it just on a strand and it looks
    good, even when slightly faded out. What do you think? Thank you very much!
    bye =)

  • Hannah walker 2 years ago

    How does the Pravanna color remover smell? Most color removers smell really
    nasty :( 

  • salondlali 2 years ago

    Wow !!!!!!I’m speechless thank you so much for such a detailed video

  • Leah Leeds 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been doing hair for 10 years and never
    realized the power of color removers! Thank you! Thank you! 

  • Der Zuschauer 2 years ago

    I Love your Bundeswehr Shirt ! Come over here , it’s fun here and we NEED a
    hairstylist like u here ! <3 greetings from Germany 

  • Jas Tavares 2 years ago

    Totally passed out due to the hotness at the end. But on the reals, I would
    love to see a video for like dark hair, blonde hair, and red hair dye
    maintenance and how to optimize colors or your thoughts and how you get the
    best results, if that at all makes sense. I don’t think I worded it

  • Sistarella Royal Kouture 2 years ago

    Hi a Guy! Thank you, for being so raw with us, as a babe in the industry
    continued education and quality service can only be taught if people have
    leaders who will uplift! I’m truly a fan and student, hope to meet you in
    this life. GodBless! 

  • chelsea brown 2 years ago

    HI Guy!! Omg you are an inspiration! I have a question, I have a client
    with blue, purple and teal. and she wants to go silver. my question is what
    is the safest way to pull out those vivids?

  • Abel Martinez 2 years ago

    Jesus man you’re a fucking gold mine dude. Stuff like this makes going to
    beauty school sooooo much more enjoyable. Like I take everything you say in
    and try to apply it every time I’m there! Thank you! 

  • fun_with_jailynn 2 years ago

    Lol “THE LORD IS WITH ME” god I love u guy. I was laughing throughout the
    whole video. I’ve never used the pravana color remover but I will next
    time. Thank u

  • Ayana Estrada 2 years ago

    You are so funny and energetic!(: This helped a lot though I’ve been
    thinking about doing this very thing! Does it dry your hair out too bad?

  • erikab1129 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your educational videos! 

  • Crofregernish 2 years ago

    Loved all the information you included!

    PS: Your braces are adorbs.

  • Leah Ann 2 years ago

    Absolutely LOVE this color on you. I want to try this on my hair. Would you
    say that the color remover is safer than lightener?

  • ren lafaive 2 years ago

    What if your client comes in to color correct their hair, but they can’t
    remember their hair history? There are a lot of teenagers who just do
    whatever to their hair and forget about it.

  • Spencer Hayes 2 years ago

    I have a friend that I use the Joico XRs on, and we are wanting to change
    her colour. Since the XRs have direct and indirect dyes in them would you
    suggest using a colour remover to get the direct dyes out or just go in
    with bleach?

  • jarina soto 2 years ago

    Please show us how to remove fashion colors!! Especially pravana.

  • Marisol Gonzalez 2 years ago

    Does your color remover ever smell like weed?? Lol whenever someone in my
    salon uses that remover it stinks up the salon! lol 

  • MAHSPACEEE 2 years ago

    If my hair was platinum blonde then I dyed it dark brown, it will most
    likely be bright orange huh? 

  • Joey Elsperger 2 years ago

    Great Video Guy, you are so handsome… could you please do a layered hair
    cut with using some of your favorite dry cutting techniques…PLEASE AND
    THANK YOU :) 

  • Eboni Alejo 2 years ago

    Is color remover damaging?

  • Micha193 2 years ago

    Haha, he is wearing a German solitary muscle Shirt! How cool is this!? :D 

  • Karmen Ali 2 years ago

    The sexiness is burning my eyessss Guy!

  • Finnezze 2 years ago

    I have to check if Cosmo prof sell the prevana line. Ty so much!!