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Use code ‘chloesfoundation’ for 30% off all makeup at (valid til next Friday the 10th) Any questions about the products? C…

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  • yuki onna 4 years ago

    y u so beautiful :O

  • Aarashonda Keely 4 years ago

    This is beyond helpful!! Wow thanks

  • heeeeymari 4 years ago

    u r sooo like blair waldorf here)

  • Mybrightlittlestar 4 years ago

    I love all your looks and I find that you explain the makeup process step by step better than anyone, so natural and clear! Please, keep making videos and tutorials! Love, Rosa. PS: I bought some mineral makeup products in the web and used your code. It was end of May but I don’t know how I got the discount anyway!

  • Mybrightlittlestar 4 years ago

    Hi Chloe! I suscribed to your channel and been watching aaaaall your videos for a while now. Just wanted to let you know I admire what you do and you’re such an inspiration for me! It’s like you’re giving me strenght and motivation to take care of me, work out, eat healthier… So THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

  • nora wawa 4 years ago

    u look sick her

  • ChloeMorello 4 years ago

    aw im glad you like it!

  • ery r 4 years ago

    You are sooooo beautiful!!

  • CHRISTINA CARDILLO 4 years ago

    Wow thx to u I can get a better use of my mineral powders best makeup tutorial ever

  • haydeeamparo 4 years ago

    I love this tip! Thank u so much! I do this everyday when I use mineral foundation :D

  • Steph Pinto 4 years ago

    Chloe I don’t know if you will read this but I just wanted to say thank youuu for being yourself and so honest, it is awesome to see another aussie girl doing informative and interesting AND funny videos! I started doing my own simple makeup videos just for myself because I saw how great your videos were. I love it!! So thanks :)

  • 949roy 4 years ago

    You really look like a mix between pussy and stooped//

  • Chiara12398 4 years ago

    You really look like a mix between leighton meester and miranda kerr!

  • Kimberly Helmers 4 years ago

    I need advice! I like to use a lighter creamy concealer under my eyes as a highlight. How can I do this with mineral or powder foundation? Concealer first and then try to avoid the area when applying foundation? Or concealer last? I usually do concealer as one of my very last steps just to brighten where needed. Help! Haha

  • helbabes 4 years ago

    Never mind haha said this was uploaded 10 hours ago confused me

  • helbabes 4 years ago

    Wasn’t this video uploaded ages ago :S

  • Rebecca Marte 4 years ago

    You’re awesome! Thank you for this <33

  • Angelie Mae 4 years ago

    yOOoOoou are sOOOOooOOOOo beautiful! :*
    i really like yOOoOOuu sOOoOo mUCh! xOXo :)

  • ChloeMorello 4 years ago

    its for those that enjooy the benefits of mineral foundation: no chemicals, pure ingredients from the earth. normal mineral foudnation has lots of chemicals in it.

  • Becky Becks 4 years ago

    And why wouldn’t you just use liquid foundation?

  • Yang Zhang 4 years ago

    it’s like Miranda Kerr in Leighton Meester’s body :P
    You’re so beautiful :) You’re my favourite youtuber, thanks for making all these videos, you’re awesome!

  • n7oola 4 years ago

    you look like leighton meester

  • herapanichalmers 4 years ago

    Just a question but can you make the liquid foundation out of pressed mineral powder? and can you use the other two techniques with pressed mineral powder? I have thin lizzy. Thanks :) Love your videos btw <3

  • jdema650 4 years ago

    what nail polish are you wearing in this?

  • JEEEZ123 4 years ago

    I just subscribed a few minutes ago. But it’s so strange because I’ve been following your instagram for a few months now?? I must have come across one of your makeup looks on there and liked it, but never made the connection (like an idiot) that you had a YouTube channel haha. Well I’m glad I found you here because I love your videos! Weee! And congrats on the 200k milestone :)

  • Gozde Aliriza 4 years ago

    I found it when i was stalking kim.k makeup artist on youtube. I don’t need him any more thou… you maaa favvvv

  • Rachael Jade 4 years ago

    Great tutorial Chloe! It makes me want to try mineral powder foundation again :) xx

  • terich26 4 years ago

    Really do like mineral foundation …I used to put a mineral foundation 5 yrs ago when I was working … hope I could be the lucky one to get a free.. xoxo from philippines

  • elsavgarza 4 years ago

    Have you tried bareMinerals foundation? If yes what are your opinions?

  • ohygoodness 4 years ago

    Anyone else see Miranda Kerr?

  • AllyLovesSushi 4 years ago

    Where abouts did you get your necklace from? It’s so beautiful xo

  • Kasey OConnor 4 years ago

    So helpful , love you:)

  • Amy Corunna 4 years ago

    Lol there’s nothing wrong with her skin shaffa ruzi

  • Fatemah Alfadli 4 years ago

    You’re so pretty!

  • isiartdotcom 4 years ago

    Hi Chloe, I just received my Sheer Design Kabuki brush and the lovely Mineral Lustre Lip Plumper. Both products are amazing, thank you so much. Very much appreciated.
    X Isi

  • jennifersanders92 4 years ago

    Please tell me where you bought that beautiful neckless!!!!!!! Maybe internetshopping:). I like it soo much!! Love your tutorials!! I like too get one.. X