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Beauty Smartie Laura teaches you how to apply this loose setting powder.


Mineral Makeup



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  • Julie Ayala 4 years ago

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  • alexinwonderland5393 4 years ago

    So you apply powder with a powder brush? I bet no one would be able to figure that out on their own o.O

  • Amber Mitchell 4 years ago

    she didnt even show us how to put them on…….

  • 51hlluver 4 years ago

    omg me too!!! 

  • sophiehaileyhannah 4 years ago

    I love bare minerals! love this vid btw(:

  • Cynthia Alvarado 4 years ago

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    How many friken videos did u make in one day

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    omg she’s soo pretty, she looks like barbie

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    Please put up Ashley’s Beauty Smartie videos! :)

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