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the video is very original Artist: Huh Gak & Eun Ji (Apink) Song: Short Hair (짧은머리) Album: `A Cube` For Season # Blue Blog:…

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  • katrine wijaya 4 years ago

    The MV is so cutee ♥
    Both of them voice is perfectly mixed ♡♡

  • Adorable boo 4 years ago

    So cute. I love the MV :)

  • Yun LoveYoseob 4 years ago

    Its should be Eunji season instead of Cuba season XD

  • hyunnis16 4 years ago

    that was interesting!!

  • Rebecca Yang 4 years ago

    omfg! i wanted them to release another song together because their vocals are beautiful together! yaaaay! xD

  • Abby Rigonan 4 years ago

    whoever thought finger characters in a korean mv would be good…was sooo right!!!

  • pinkedgirls 4 years ago

    What’s up with koreans and animation

  • Allysa S 4 years ago

    Soooo adorable

  • ilyvannie 4 years ago

    the harmony is too perf

  • Tenae Taylor 4 years ago

    I laughed a little at the “to be honest I’m not the perfect guy” “yea yea yea” part

  • Yildiz M 4 years ago

    Hi.. would u tell me what app u use for editing this vid? i just want to make indonesian music video with subt like this,,, please please tell me,,,

  • summergal27 4 years ago

    This mv makes me smile :D Those fingers are so cuteee :’)

  • YGhappyvirus 4 years ago

    Aigoo~ Waeyo Neomu gwiyeowo~ Omo~~~ o^^o

  • LAbabysmile 4 years ago

    Eunji❤ 언니

  • komadorii 4 years ago

    love the song! thank you for subbing! however i think the pink/purple font is a little to bright.. makes it hard to read atleast for me. just wanted to let you know ;o

  • Sunny Cha 4 years ago

    I love how their voices sound together. <3

  • StarAWings 4 years ago

    So adorable!

  • ThucThucTruong 4 years ago

    This is soooo cute!!! :D The song is perfect <3

  • LoveKpopSubs12 4 years ago

    oops sorry for the mistake..

  • Teresa Lindsey 4 years ago

    how adorable!

  • sizumoha 4 years ago

    Sooo cute.just small corection.its necktie not shirt