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Here is my foolproof method to blending my everyday eyeshadow look. Leave a comment below if there are any other makeup basics you’d like a tutorial on! DETA…




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  • Rachel Whitehurst 3 years ago

    my roots are not pretty in HD

  • coynie3 3 years ago

    Rachel doing nail tutorials? I was shocked. It’s a whole new era haha :O
    (really though, it’s great you were able to kick the biting habit)

  • thewixter 3 years ago

    This video is so helpful. And shit, are those your natural nails? Because
    if so, congrats for not biting them!

  • kjjjacobs13 3 years ago

    I know this has been done before by other YouTubers but, do you have any
    advice to keep mascara from smudging? I’ve tried EVERYTHING!! I’ve tried
    all different kinds of mascaras, waterproof and non-waterproof, I’ve tried
    setting my makeup and not, setting my undereyes and not, powdering before
    and after or only before or only after, I’ve tried powdering my actual
    eyelashes before, I’ve tried different concealers (and noticed that some
    are more oily than others and thus, smudge my mascara more than others)
    I’ve tried different powders, I’ve even tried Wayne Goss’s tip on not
    taking the mascara all the way to the ends of my lashes. I’ve also tried
    his trick of wiping the excess off the wand before I use it and even tried
    putting it on a small dental brush before. I’m not kidding, I’ve tried
    EVERYTHING. Some techniques work better than others and these techniques
    have helped a lot with the smudging, but it still eventually smudges a
    little. Is there something I’m missing? Or do all girls have this problem
    and just deal with it? It smudges under my eyes and sometimes even on the
    top of my cheekbones. Help! 

  • pneumoania 3 years ago

    how to clean makeup brushes maybe? idk bc i’ve never done it but i know i’m
    supposed to 

  • Paulina Munoz 3 years ago

    Do you curl your eyelashes? I’ve noticed that the way someone curls their
    lashes makes a huge difference! Well for me especially

  • Justice Nakole 3 years ago

    Literally thought you said “fuck-sy” not foxy

  • Christina Hanna 3 years ago

    Would the elf hd powder work for translucent powder?

  • evilcrumbs 3 years ago

    whats the black blending brush called?

  • Morgan Martin 3 years ago

    Tease and suspect are literally like the only good crease colors in that
    palette.. And no one wants shimmery…. So basically tease is all that’s
    left! Lol does anyone know if the other naked palettes have more good
    crease colors?

  • sophia ros 3 years ago

    Bloody ell, your skin looks incredible.. are you even from this earth or

  • Hayley Bailey 3 years ago

    contouring for idiots please Rachel, still can’t get that shit right I just
    look liked I went cray on the bronzer. 

  • Alison Gill 3 years ago

    Have you made a winged eyeliner video?

  • books4dinner 3 years ago

    i love this video+you but where is the twat video? :( (((

  • Rachel Whitehurst 3 years ago



  • Cristina Moraga 3 years ago

    Please do a video about wing eyeliner using gel eyeliner

  • its.lis 3 years ago

    fucksy please tell me she said fucksy

  • Angela D 3 years ago

    This eye look is so beautiful! Thanks for the video

  • mandymckk 3 years ago

    Ooooh do a video on how to get rid of fallout, especially glitter fallout.
    Damn urban decay shadows always making me have to redo my concealer.

  • Melanie Callahan 3 years ago

    thank you so much for this video! super helpful :) 

  • malin6811 3 years ago

    You’re hysterical as well as helpful. Kudos to you! Thanks for the video!! 

  • AlexaOrchid 3 years ago

    WOW! This tutorial.. is like the best one I’ve ever seen! It’s important
    that you talk about brush movements! Thank you so much ^_^

  • Bitch Craft 3 years ago

    Blend that the fuck out


    You are so funny! 

  • Idiot proof liquid liner please!

  • beautyyjana 3 years ago


  • Colette Mallory 3 years ago

    Excellent tutorial. This is really helpful. Also your eyeshadow look is
    really pretty.

  • Libby Smetak 3 years ago

    This was AWESOME! Thank you so much!

  • Ellie Tuckwell 3 years ago

    Holy eyebrows 

  • Rainabow LUVSBACONN 3 years ago

    Eyeliner plsss

  • Maggie McGloin 3 years ago

    I LOVED this video! Please keep the teaching videos coming! I am no MUA but
    I LOVE makeup so this was a really big help thank u!!

  • PhoenixHeart193 3 years ago

    I just discovered your channel and I’m in heaven. Your tutorials kick ass
    and I can’t wait to try this! Also, goddamn you are beautiful. 

  • Crispsand Blood 3 years ago

    OMG your natural eyelid colour is so pretty! I thought you were already
    wearing eyeshadow

  • Nyssa Rey 3 years ago

    Do you have a video on how to blend baked eyeshadow, using them wet? I’m
    needing some help xD

  • lexyheartsbeauty 3 years ago

    your eyeshadow is perfect! omg! i love it! <3 

  • Divya Thakore 3 years ago

    really really helpful

  • Mary Kathleen 3 years ago

    I “liked” this within 20 seconds JUST because I luv how your makeup
    looks!!! lol

  • Rosa Castillo 3 years ago

    I have smaller chinky eyes. Do you think it will still work the same For

  • Claudia Brennan 3 years ago

    Rachel thankyou so much! I used to be fucking terrible at doing eyeshadow
    and this has helped so much :) thank you for helping me out! Ps. You look
    beautiful in this video xx

  • Idisaster29 3 years ago

    My god she’s fun to watch

  • Kathryn Radcliff 3 years ago

    Very pretty. I’ve been struggling with blending. This helped. Thanks u rock

  • makeupforever 3 years ago

    I used to just mix all the colors in my Covergirl Eyeshadow quad together
    and just put it all on my lid. I seriously thought that was how you were
    supposed to apply eyeshadow. Luckily the Covergirl quad was idiot proof. I
    have learned a lot since then

  • Jess Eyman 3 years ago

    Love you but please zoom the camera out a bit! 

  • HallieIzzle 3 years ago

    Finally someone posted a true beginners tutorial. Most guru’s skip over
    this instruction. Thanks very much!!

  • Sarah Parker 3 years ago

    Thank yoooou!!!!!

  • PsychoticTragedy 3 years ago

    Could you make an idiot-proof tutorial on applying false eyelashes? Because
    apparently I’m an idiot lol

  • Amanda Nicole 3 years ago

    Seriously love your hair color though! You’re stunning!