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Just a highspeed look at how i turned my little sister into Illyria from the Angel series. Song used is the theme. No copyright infringment intended. Makeup …


Makeup For Lips



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  • Eyes4Wonderland 4 years ago

    As far as makeup, your face needs to be pale, as Fred had porcelain skin. Next you pick a bright blue eyeshadow, and a dark blue eyeshadow and use those to contour in the areas shown in the video.take a white eyeline or facepaint and make lightning bolts on your forehead. Next do that with blue eyeliner. Then sweep a light blue shadow on your eyes. put in your contacts and your good to go. If you want your lips done, use a nude lipstick and pat blue shadow in just the area where your lips touch.

  • Eyes4Wonderland 4 years ago

    The hair was just a couple of individual blue hair clip in extensions I got from a hair salon. contacts I got from pinky paradise (you can use Eyes4Wonderland as a coupon code for a free contact lens case and a gift!) Those can take a while to come in, so I would order middle of august the latest. As far as the costume you can use a brown leather jacket or an off the shoulder black top.

  • Kelsey Chambers 4 years ago

    cool. how did you guys do the hair… and how’d you get the contacts, what makeups did you use… i am wanting to do this for halloween. HELP me plz..

  • Bleakverse 4 years ago

    Cool tutorial
    but you should really do something about the music, it keeps massively overlapping at points.