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This very detailed makeup tutorial should be very helpful to those of you starting out in makeup, or if you’re love watching in depth makeup videos! This makeup look is perfect for a bride…

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  • ViviannaDoesMakeup 5 years ago

    This is so helpful – thanks Sharon! Doing my sister’s wedding makeup this
    summer and will definitely be using your tips x

  • Karima McKimmie 5 years ago

    Ermagherddddd your skin is perfect <3

  • Philicia Bonaparte 5 years ago

    This came right on time as I’m getting married this Friday and I’ve been
    searching for tips. I love your videos so that just made it even better!!

  • BeautyLifeMichelle 5 years ago

    STUNNING and soo beautifully edited Sharon! x

  • Tiffany Filippini 5 years ago

    I swear Sharon you are so pretty!! And your makeup application couldnt be
    anymore flawless!! Every brush stroke, every application is perfection!!
    You are amazing!

  • Sharon Farrell 5 years ago

    I hope you enjoy this in depth and detailed wedding/special occasion makeup

  • Taylor Jones 5 years ago

    Whew. I was getting a little worried when you haven’t posted for a couples
    days. Between you and Karima, I really look forward to y’all’s videos…

    #hardcore #creeperstatus #itscauseloveyou ;P

  • Eveline Strandell 5 years ago

    I really wanted to write a snifty little comment but after a few minutes of
    just sitting here trying to come up with something to say, all I get is…
    beautifully perfectionastic gorgeousness! ;-) 

  • taylorinthewoods 5 years ago

    I need tips for extremely fair skinned brides like myself. The laura
    mercier concealer is far too dark and I haven’t been able to find a video
    on a good foundation/concealer set for almost paper white skin. It’s
    actually giving me stress thinking I’m going to go for a makeup trial and
    the artist’s “palest shades” are still going to be too dark and I’m going
    to end up looking orange…I don’t trust myself to do it myself though… I
    feel like the trend in makeup right now is to be bronzed, and to use
    products that are slightly too dark anyway, but personally I don’t want
    that look… Do makeup artists let you bring some of your own products, if
    I can find ones I like?

  • betyl 5 years ago

    The days I wait for a new tutorial from you… :D I’m literally surprised
    with the edit of this video Sharon, there should have been multiple cameras
    to get this footage I guess, not sure. :D but it is really well organized.

  • Melis Deniz 5 years ago

    The best bridal make up i ever seen. So beautiful :) 

  • reham mahmoud 5 years ago

    So i was going to sleep but then i saw your post on Facebook and l just had
    to watch your video first even tho i have exam tomorrow but thats how much
    i love your video :-D 

  • MissAgentBloodorange 5 years ago

    Editing masterpiece! 

  • xEmawee 5 years ago


    Wow!! This video is super helpful! Just a quick question – I’m getting
    married in May and have never really been in to doing my makeup, so I don’t
    really find it wise to spend the money on some of the higher priced items
    you’ve used here (since I only foresee myself using them a couple times).
    But I still want to be able to achieve a great, long lasting look. Do you
    have any suggestions on any drugstore items that would be similar to the
    one’s you’ve used here? I know that they probably won’t last *as* long or
    be near the same quality, but any suggestions help!

    Thanks so much!

  • Melinda Velez 5 years ago

    Hello Lovely Sharon its been a little while since I last left a message I
    truly love your videos best your knowledge is so impressive ideas pics
    etc.. I was excited about this video I was like ??? Is she getting ready
    for her big day yay! ♥ are you doing your own wedding make up look? BTW?
    Your skin never looked this good what ever your doing its working.much love
    you lovely lady oxox always #1 fan Melinda

  • Leanne Caporrella 5 years ago

    So so pretty and your hair looks incredible

  • Socorro Manson 5 years ago

    Omg NO JOKE I was looking at who I was subscribed to like 30 minutes ago
    because I thought I unsubscribe to your channel because I felt like I
    haven’t seen a video of you in forever !!! I WAS SO HAPPY TO GET A VIDEO

  • Shazvana 5 years ago

    I wish I had you in my private life on the weekend (I live in Brisbane)
    because I went to my nieces wedding, who had a pro make up artist do all
    the make up incl my mother inlaw (who is her grandmother and 70yrs old) the
    mother of the bride and all the bridal party. Every bodys make up was so
    caked on, it looked horrible, incl the bride. My MIL never wears make up
    and her foundation was so thick that every wrinkle was caked and cracked
    with foundation and her eye make up looked like something you would put on
    a hooker. It was so sad to see all of them with thick caked makeup that
    then melted and separated due to muggy weather. When I went to say good bye
    to the bride, I would have to say that I have never seen such horrible make
    up and my heart just broke for her. I of course didn’t way anything to the
    bride but I did tell my MIL to ensure that they never use this person ever
    again for the next wedding (which is the sister of this bride). Even from a
    good 2 meters away, you could see how caked on it was and how every fine
    line/wrinkle was just cracked and caked, it was terrible and the worst
    bridal make up I have ever seen. I know my 12 yr old daughter could have
    done a better job as she is right into make up and can apply it like a pro

  • G from Oz 5 years ago

    I went to a wedding on the weekend and the bride was 1 hour and 15 minutes
    late. They said it was the fault of the make up artist, she started the
    brides make up at 1pm, the bride got to the church at 3.45 (there was a 30
    minute drive to the church). True story! xox

  • Isabel Alves 5 years ago

    I learn so much with your videos!! Kisses from Brazil xx

  • YcrowsfootY 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! I really understand your Kinda Sexy addiction. The colour is
    awesome on you–and presumably on your clients, too. I need to pick it up
    next time I am worshopping in the temple of MAC. Thanks for another awesome
    video! :) 

  • Waldorfdarling 5 years ago

    I never thought of using Tease as a contour shade! You are amazing, Sharon!

  • Rebecca Nugent 5 years ago

    Editing is perfect, aiming to have my editing that professional someday!
    Beautiful look

  • Sarah Cierans 5 years ago

    Sharon this is a stunning look I don’t have any of these fab products but
    if I had the money and after watching this video id buy the lot

  • brittany begley 5 years ago

    Getting married this august (in Ireland, actually!) so these tips will be
    put to good use! 

  • Aly Whitmore 5 years ago

    Great vid! You had me mesmerised for 15 mins! Is this how you are going to
    do your hair and make up on your wedding day? We all know your going to use
    Quiana on your wedding day! haha

  • Abraxas Young 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, but your soft voice and accent saying “Booty call” is my
    favourite thing in the world :’)

  • Kirsty Doyle 5 years ago

    Love your videos, they are so professional without losing your personality
    and connection with your viewers. This was a fab tutorial, thanks for
    sharing :) x

  • Bridget Akridge 5 years ago

    WONDERFUL video! Your in-depth instructions are not only great for
    beginners, but they’re also useful for more experienced makeup lovers – we
    all need a refresher on our makeup 101 every now and again. Getting back to
    the basics allows for more comfort when we decide to attempt more advanced
    creativity in our routine, maybe a look that requires more technical skill.
    Some constructive criticism: I – as well as many others I’m sure – don’t
    really like it when people refer to beige/apricot/peach pencils as “flesh
    toned”, when brown or tan pencils are never referred to as such. They’re
    just called “brown” or “tan” despite being perfectly flesh toned. 

  • Pam Ravenscroft 5 years ago

    Flawless! Gorgeous! Now I have to run to Mac to pick up a few things. You
    are so talented!

  • Sarah Lipson 5 years ago

    Sharon I use pro longwear but it flashes back on me so so bad massive white

  • Vanessa Pesce 5 years ago

    Hi Sharon! I loved this makeup, and your advices are always awesome :) i
    wanted to ask you if you can help me with a little makeup problem.
    Sometimes I have blemishes on my cheeks or just underneath them, and even
    if I put concealer, once I apply my blush or my contour powder, the redness
    comes up again.. how can I fix it? It would mean so much if you can
    answer!! Thank you! xo