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Today I am going back to basics. My hopes for you, is that when you’re done watching this tutorial, you are a little better at applying eyeshadow then you we…

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  • stillGLAMORUS 4 years ago
  • kittychan25 4 years ago

    You always have great music on your vids!! You should make a playlist
    list!! Great videos like always! Started watching u when u just gave birth
    to Bianca! Which is also my name!!! Crazy!! Haha anyways your vids have
    come a long way and also ur make up line! Keep it up!

  • Michelle Meli 4 years ago

    Ooh what is that lipstick color from your thumbnail? I don’t think it’s the
    same one you applied in the video…I love that purplish orchid fuschia
    color. Very pretty tutorial!

  • anneke103 4 years ago

    Ohhhhhh your music is always on point girl! Love it! 

  • Sydney Wright 4 years ago

    Here are some great music channels for your videos you’ll love them:
    Majestic Casual, Discoverthevibes, TheSoundYouNeed, Underground Charisma,
    Nostalgic Jams, Haus of Whaps and Mellow Uploads you will love these music
    channels they have such great music similar to yours these are what I
    listen to so check them out (: 

  • Ciara Wetherell 4 years ago

    If you have hooded lids, do you go above the crease with the lid color?

  • LisaLuvsMAC 4 years ago

    Love love this look!! The colors really bring out the green in your eyes!
    Great advice for the high light, I hate when I mess my brows up from it :)
    so pretty you’re my most watch youtuber!! Xo

  • Natalie Fletcher 4 years ago

    Can I just say how absolutely stunning you look. Not just with this
    tutorial alone, but in all your tutorials that Ive watched, your makeup is
    ALWAYS on point. Ive never left you a comment, so why not leave my 1st one
    now!!. I just wanted to introduce myself as I am a newer earthling
    (subbie!!) to your channel, maybe 6-8 months ago, give or take. My name is
    Natalie, I am almost 34 yrs old and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area,
    married with 2 boys. I have always had a passion for makeup and have done a
    lot of Freelance jobs as its a hobby, a passion of mine to do on the side.
    Ive contemplated starting my own beauty channel; however, the beauty
    community on YouTube is saturated, but maybe one of these days. Keep making
    your videos as you are amazing at what you do, in addition to being a mom
    of 4 kids (?), a girlfriend, a business owner, etc. You are, what I
    believe, to be 1 of only a handful who does exceptional makeup as well as
    keeps it real, keeps yourself grounded and very humbled. Unfortunately, and
    this is just my own opinion, there are many many people making beauty
    videos just for the sake of companies sending them free products and I cant
    stand that. You can tell for the most part when watching a video as to who
    is legit, doing it because they love it and have a passion for it beyond
    just receiving and reviewing products that companies send. 

  • estefania 4 years ago

    What’s the purple lipstick you’re wearing? 

  • redlizard23 4 years ago

    What lipstick was that?

  • mari lemus 4 years ago

    You should do a tutorial on your nails. I love how small and cute they

  • DD Dallas 4 years ago

    Very helpful

  • The Balmaholic 4 years ago

    Ugh, girl, I wish I had your skills. 

  • Paris Acklen 4 years ago

    It would be cool if you showed what color eyeshadows youre using

  • Keanuenue Brown 4 years ago

    Thanks for this tutorial! Great reminders for me. Btw, love your music
    selection for your videos. Their always on point

  • Kat C 4 years ago

    What is the purple lipstick you’re wearing in the beginning of the video?!
    It’s so gorgeous!

  • Ariella Camaraza 4 years ago

    Loving this video! Someone who understands not everyone can apply their
    eyeshadow in 2 min and have it perfect, point of a tutorial is to teach
    (explain) others not just show. Def will be using some of these techniques. :) <3 

  • Maryssa Dominguez 4 years ago

    Can you do a video sharing all the details on how you got started on your
    cosmetics line and your experiences?

  • Mia Bella 4 years ago

    I am so admiring you eyebrows. Great video. I am now going to have to get
    that brush for under the eye, thanks for the tip. xoxoxo 

  • missanamarie 4 years ago

    How do you pick your transition color? Should it match your skintone or
    match the eyeshadow look you want to do?

  • ✨Celenite384✨ 4 years ago

    Gorgeous look

  • Laura Andrade 4 years ago

    Omg beautiful look …lip color spectacular .!!! Any colors look. Great on
    u cuz of lips ;) 

  • Cindy Ramirez 4 years ago


  • RockaholicKitty 4 years ago

    Great video! Thank you for going in depth to help us better understand! And
    I’m curious just like everyone else… what brand and shade is that
    gorgeous lipstick? You’re smoking

  • Jestine Ibardo 4 years ago

    You’re a goddess.

  • Mgveee 4 years ago

    I know this is not beauty related and you had that song listed, but where
    did you download it from? I can’t find it anywhere….

  • Finnezze 4 years ago

    Your such a doll. Love how your lips look, may have to do them too.:) Ty
    for this video. xx

  • Melissa mudry 4 years ago

    Luv ur tuts they are such a big help. U take the time to explain how u
    apply instead of just doing it. 

  • Ann M. 4 years ago

    Hey beauties.. Love if you checked out my Valentine’s Day makeup and hair
    tutorial … I sub back thank you!!! 

  • Chelsea Tilson 4 years ago

    Great step by step tutorial!! I have a few get ready with me videos on my

  • Angela Martinez 4 years ago

    Girl, I thought I was going to get a peep show, I kept looking over your

  • Vintage 1025 4 years ago

    Great video on which brushes to use. Is your cosmetic line available

  • Boricua11 4 years ago

    I loved the video until the last ending part, with the transition effects. 

  • MiaCristy1 4 years ago

    love this look and that lip color is to die for!

  • Amany Darwish 4 years ago

    What’s the proudact your use?

  • Alicia Pittman 4 years ago

    I can tell that’s you singing! Beautiful!!! 

  • Nan Bo 4 years ago

    Your boyfriend changing in the background. :) 

  • Therese6 4 years ago

    Yay!! I was the first like.. And the first comment that’s never happened
    lol. I love your videos and all your techniques.. Your amazing:) 

  • Kylee Rose 4 years ago

    Am I hiding under a rock?! As long as I have been watching your videos I
    never knew you had a makeup line?!?!!! So excited to try!

  • Selly Bombshell 4 years ago

    Your so beautiful

  • Erika Vela 4 years ago

    Get over yourself and have some respect for your body.