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Need a look for browsing tumblr, watching netflix, or running from paparazzi? Look no further! Do you like podcasts? check out mine! Ro…

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  • Michaela Hawley 4 years ago

    Ahaha! This is great! Totally made my day.

  • beautyoftheking 4 years ago

    This is MY kind of makeup tutorial!

  • Beth any 4 years ago

    Amen, sistah!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    So do you ;D

  • Lacey Moate 4 years ago

    You make me smile :) 

  • Rachie Cupcakie 4 years ago

    Hahahahahaha! Oh my goodness. This is hysterical, as usual!

  • Sonia Baribeau 4 years ago

    hahahah thought it was serious until about half way through

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    I am glad it made your day!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    Thank you! Glad you realized the satire!

  • Savanna Powell 4 years ago

    It took me a second to realize that this was LITERALLY natural. I thought the water was some type of new method everyone was using lol. But who cares great video. Nice work (:

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the kind complement! And thank you for watching!

  • CrazyxPopcorn 4 years ago

    I started to watch your videos today, and I already love you so much~ c: Keep on the good work!

  • Jennifer Tedjamulia 4 years ago

    Hee hee

  • plainjanetoday 4 years ago

    Your uncle says this is one of your funniest by far. Much love.

  • Becca Suzanne 4 years ago

    Well, then, I would like to say that you two are freaking adorable. And yes, I know that I only had about three seconds to make that judgment, but you are. XD

  • whateverworks67 4 years ago

    ya, I think just about anything would give better coverage than toilet paper soaked in water. :-)

  • Anna H. 4 years ago

    Well if everyone had as clear of skin as you did I think this ‘light coverage’ makeup look would work very well! ;) haha this video make my day!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    Yes indeed!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    I prefer tap since my skin is generally more familiar with it.

  • Becca Suzanne 4 years ago

    Is that your husband at the end? I’m too lazy to go look at your other videos to figure it out.

  • justlaughalot100 4 years ago

    I love this look! Can you achieve it with distiller water, or tap?! Hahaha!! Lol

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    You are so welcome!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago


  • opheliaBH 4 years ago


  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    You know…I have tried both. I have more success with using different.

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    No, but I take that as an extreme complement!

  • opheliaBH 4 years ago

    I am so glad! :D 

  • valliebeth 4 years ago

    My exact daily routine! And I even go out on public with this very make-up.

  • DJHyperRhythm 4 years ago

    Has anybody ever told you you look a lot like Kate Winslet?

  • Becky Henson 4 years ago

    Just to be sure I do this correctly…do you use the SAME Q-tip for your eyes and lips? Or do you use different Q-tips?

  • Julie Brownfield 4 years ago

    THIS IS GREAT! It’s especially funny because I have recently been watching eye makeup tutorials.

  • Chantelle GivenMuch 4 years ago

    One of my favorites so far. :)  Especially love 3:35 (duckface) and your description of the Qtip ‘straight part’. :)

  • Hazel Grey 4 years ago

    Lol :D

  • D'zire La'Phoenix 4 years ago

    Yes! This is my method as well :-) 

  • QuinnyandCoVideo 4 years ago

    THANK YOU, OpheliaBH. It’s like you given me the secret to the fountain of youth. Who knew it actually came from a fountain?!

  • disneypride98 4 years ago

    Yes!!!! Now I can be beautiful!!!!!!! :D