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It’s another episode of my PARANORMAL HAIRTIVITY. My client Alice is back and she wanted to change her hair again. She started with blonde and wanted to go d…

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  • Pistol~Vixen 3 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I would never have thought to mix an ash with the red! <3

  • theFacesOfRose 3 years ago

    Ahh, it’s BEAUTIFUL! I wish you could dye my hair, I’m turning 18 next
    month and as a present to myself I’m gonna go get my hair done (going from
    brown to blonde). I’ve never dyed my hair before and I’m *so* nervous hehe.
    If you know anyone in the Seattle area who’s good then let me know. ^_^

  • Linda selene Gonzalez 3 years ago

    I love that you speak the truth! I’m a hairdresser too and I share your
    work ethics, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. Btw… I
    admire your humbleness and your integrity. In this field, it’s hard to find
    sincere and unselfish people who are willing to help and share their
    knowledge. I believe that when you give something, somewhere along the
    line, it’ll come back to you. I guess it’s Karma. I know you’ll be blessed
    because of your dedication and your willingness to share with others. :-) 

  • Allie Weston 3 years ago

    Love! When I first saw it on Instagram I thought it was just red but all
    the other colors are really amazing! So cool that you have the patience to
    do 10 hours of hair correction. And I completely agree with what you said
    in the beginning about how some stylists blame the client for color fails.
    Your magical!

  • Guy Tang 3 years ago

    New video up in my new channel: Don’t forget to
    subscribe, comment and share with your friends

  • Vaquitalamasbonita 3 years ago

    Omg this remind me alot hayley williams hair the singer of paramore!!!
    Juuuuuuust perfect, if you come to mexico any time PLEASE let me know!!!!!

  • Anne Carter 3 years ago

    OKAY I HAVE A GOOD IDEA. I think one year you should go on a hair tour! You
    can go to a bunch of cities and get everyone’s hair done that can’t get to
    LA. I don’t know, it’s a suggestion, but maybe as a celebration of
    1,000,000 subs or something. Think about it! I think you would get a lot of
    business :) 

  • Dynette Natal 3 years ago

    So beautiful!!! I’m looking to do grey on my hair… I saw a video you did
    with Silver color… Where can I get silver color at?

  • milaarogue 3 years ago

    you need to come down to miami!

  • mary ramos 3 years ago

    Damn ur so DOPE!!!! 

  • Miriamka 3 years ago

    madness… I dream of you doing my hair one day:(

  • NOSH H 3 years ago

    what shampoo an conditioner would you recommend to stop all the colour

  • AnBo123987 3 years ago

    Just found your channel, and I wish you were in the DC area! ! 

  • manal hammodi 3 years ago

    +Guy Tang , can you do a video on hair cuts that flatters Round faced girl ;) ? 

  • Megan W 3 years ago

    You are amazing Guy! Its unbelievable. I love your hair video so so much
    and I jump when I see one in my subscription box. Such a good job, once
    again!!!! LOVE her hair.

  • hospitalcakewalk 3 years ago

    He’s the only person I’d let do my hair if i ever grew it out again!!!!
    Gaaah, he does such beautiful work!!!!

  • FrozenStrawberry Juanita 3 years ago

    Very nice color and wonderful explanations. Thank-you for sharing. :) 

  • zeehundred100 3 years ago

    Amazing once again! Out of curiosity will these colors fade, are they like
    a wash out crazy color?
    Zee ♡

  • Sally M. 3 years ago

    I dyed my hair jet black two days ago from red (as in my picture) but after
    watching this video I regret having my hair dyed. We need someone like you
    in Europeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • kthoopify 3 years ago

    love! appreciate you sharing your techniques with us other professionals!

  • michelle partida 3 years ago

    What if she didn’t want red. What would you tone it with??

  • VixenFabulous 3 years ago


  • Zoë Wolfchild 3 years ago

    I feel as though he was giving himself a pep talk throughout the entire
    process because it looked like an ordeal to get through … but what Guy
    saying at the beginning about mistakes and owning up to them? Did he make a
    mistake with his client’s hair? I missed that part. I love the results at
    the end and I would like hearing updates about her hair and it’s condition
    after all that colouring.

  • felidae pounce 3 years ago

    Love it! You remind me how much I LOVE being an obnoxious red head <3 thank
    you for inspiring me everyday and giving me the confidence to take on more
    color services at my salon. I am so happy and grateful that you exist and
    are willing go educate us stylists. You’re amazing, please don’t ever

  • Kennedy Villella 3 years ago

    you are literally the hair whisperer haha! 

  • Henley Phoenix 3 years ago

    You say doing it yourself at home is bad, but I know most hair dressers
    would never ever even consider bleaching/lightening someone’s hair
    repeatedly, then adding colour in one sitting. It is advisable to wait at
    least a week, better so, a month in between bleaching/lightening procedures
    as this causes significantly less breakage. Whereas doing it like this will
    completely fry the hair. 

  • Victoria Mae 3 years ago

    Love Love Loveeee! Ahhh its GORGEOUS 10 hours well worth it, I’m only 14
    atm… sighs but as soon as I am old enough I would love to have navy blue
    hair cause its pretty rare.. so if you ever decide to do a navy blue on one
    of your clients please post a video, I just think it would be pretty 

  • Mashiia Bullock 3 years ago

    So Guy your always saying “leave it to the professionals”.But honestly I
    don’t think I even trust the professionals. I think its safe to say “Leave
    it to GUY TANG!!!” Amazing job as always!!! 

  • Jameelah Walters 3 years ago

    Per-fucking-fection !! You are absolutely FANTASTIC with colouring. It is
    amazingly wonderful

  • VividSweets 3 years ago

    how can i get the blonde ends? her hair in the beginning becuase i really
    want hair like that

  • lachatita17 3 years ago

    I would loveeeeee if you would do my hair….

  • annarection 3 years ago

    Come to Australia and love me guytang! 

  • TheMoMochiiii 3 years ago

    Omgg im in loveee. 

  • Summer McCollum 3 years ago

    you are a hair wizard!!!!!!