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After placing fifth in Miss Universe 2015…Kaci Fennell returned Home to Jamaica and walked into our camera to answer questions about her hair, placing fifth, and her future plans.

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  • Matt Roberts 4 years ago

    Africans were saying she shouldn’t of represented Jamaica because she isn’t
    dark skinned smh

  • Narz Williams 4 years ago

    The judges are kicking themselves now, we can live with the fact that the
    World sorry Universe crowned Kaci as the winner 

  • SWAGGERDISS 4 years ago

    Always the queen the princess the angel the beauty man she won clear in my
    books forget about looks etc etc man you see that personality she’s got man
    such common sense is a rarity beautiful personality truss mi love you
    babygirl you did win in my books ok bless you and your family X 

  • jdk37 4 years ago

    She is so well spoken here! I think she was def nervous when she was
    answering her questions in the competition, but then again who wouldn’t be?
    She seems like a great girl and she’ll certainly go far. 

  • Hanna-kay rennicks 4 years ago

    What’s the bull about her skin shade. The Caribbean wasn’t made up of
    Africans alone. Look at Nigerian movies some have lighter skin than hers
    should I say they not Nigerian or shouldn’t rep the country. And let’s not
    forget “out of many one people” Jamaica’s motto. She showed we Jamaicans
    are the best regardless of colour or ancestry. Go Kaci

  • ricky lee 4 years ago

    KACI BABY YOU WERE ROBBED. Good to see you are still So GRACEFUL and
    professional,even in this whole fiasco, more like a debacle. Truly you an
    evolve human. They can have the one dimensional universe You are MISS
    MULTIVERSE the Infinite Cosmic Continuum. Because there seem to be no end
    to your talent and beauty. THE MOST HIGH BLESS. All you haters go delete

    The pageantry, is named Miss JAMAICA, to mean it reflects ” All JAMAICANS”
    Who carry the human Genome( to mean the many HUES’ of Man, the Color,
    {Colour} of the complexities(complexion) within the descendants of man.

    This means even though Black People are the progenitors of the human
    Species their DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic Acid) The main component of
    chromosomes and, is the material that Transfers genetic characteristics in
    all life forms in this case Humans. This DNA is an extremely long
    macromolecule ( meaning it is composed of thousands of Atoms). This means
    out of many, one people [Human] Specificity should be placed on this motto,
    because it is a reality).

    All JAMAICANS are counted as indigenous to this pledge, to represent the
    NATION, its FLAG and RAllY around it. Now, now we mean Jamaicans with a
    conscience and morals. Even the animals in Jamaica are protected under this

    When ZAHRA REDWOOD( the first Nazarite) so called dread won Miss Jamaica
    Universe in 2007, didn’t all the population welcome her, for her historic
    accomplishment. I know I Buss nuff Blanks. So people lets stop these
    divisionary tactics. She is a beautiful, articulate, well spoken( I don’t
    mean her English, I mean she knows how to state her point) confident young

    I bet if, ah some head top Rae Rae specialist nuff ah unu wud ah big har
    up. This kind of Hypocrisy must end, so we can rise as a people as a
    the galaxy and super nova and live on My Empress. JAMAICANS Love you at
    home and abroad.

  • Onstage TV 4 years ago
  • Ricky Thomas 4 years ago

    I wish u could answer the question like how u did in this interview but
    none the less u should have won. Your are the most beautiful, sexy,
    confident and damn near flawless of all the contestants 

  • Alecia Hamilton 4 years ago

    So what if she’s light skinned? When you find the formula for what a
    Jamaican looks like, please tell me! I would love to know how you represent
    a nation that is ‘Out of Many One People’ Zara was dark skinned and
    represented us, Yendi is mixed and no one complained and Kaci is also mixed
    so what’s the problem? 

  • Marlz Sharlz 4 years ago

    this is how she should have answered her questions 

  • demlottfam 4 years ago

    kaci dont watch nutten
    no weave all natural,shes absolutly beautiful and gorgeous
    rob dem rob her yes and when she realise all di people ah seh so it will
    mek her feel better ina herself ca weh di people seh matters more than weh
    di suit and tie seh!!!

  • MrsClassicCouture 4 years ago

    Pretty gyal Kaci ♥ 

  • Dale forbes 4 years ago

    I lost several bets but it was well worth it. This young lady is a prime
    example of grace and class, these are qualities you cannot buy. At times
    not winning is a blessing in disguise. Best wishes always. 

  • Kimone Beckford 4 years ago

    The most beautiful girl in the universe.
    Well done Kaci Fennell I’m extremely proud of your accomplishment and
    thanks for representing us phenomenally.
    My Missuniversejamaica 2015

  • demlottfam 4 years ago

    kaci dont watch nutten
    no weave all natural,shes absolutly beautiful and gorgeous
    rob dem rob her yes and when she realise all di people ah seh so it will
    mek her feel better ina herself ca weh di people seh matters more than weh
    di suit and tie seh!!!

  • Venusian Tha 4 years ago

    she is the meaning of confidently beautiful :) 

  • Young Chris 4 years ago

    lol she look white, how she represent jamaican woman…

  • juan dela cruz 4 years ago

    Unexceptionally Beautiful
    I Love U Miss Jamaica
    XoXo from Phils

  • Ding Dong 4 years ago

    Definitely she’s the real queen. Hopefully she can be next Bond girl. She’s
    so gorgeous and has an aura inside her. Blessing she will hv great career
    in future. 

  • Omari The People 4 years ago

    shes too beautiful to not to win it but did a fantastic job done. 

  • Patricia Ventura 4 years ago


  • DUSHANE RICHARDS 4 years ago

    A true professional that depicts CLASS!!!

  • joyeth bent 4 years ago

    U got class kaci

  • Kim D. 4 years ago


  • Julio Iglesia Edwards 4 years ago